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Have you always wondered why Agile and Scrum work for some teams but not others?
Or why after you have worked hard to implement all the Scrum tools only to find very little improvements?
Or maybe you got Agile to work for your team but struggling to make it happen for your organization?

Join our Meetup to explore the foundation that makes Agile work in the real world.

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Getting comfortable being uncomfortable: Fostering the Open Mindset.

Have you ever worked with a person or team that struggled with change? It may be that they are stuck in a closed mindset. We will discuss open and closed mindsets, talk about Tesla, Tiger Woods, shoelaces and how it all “ties” to building incredible teams in the workplace! Dinner and refreshments will be provided along with some laughs and potential light-bulb-switching-on-moments! About the presenters: Brian Whitney – Brian has worked within the commercial and government sectors as an Agilist and is currently a Technical Director and Enterprise Agile coach with ScienceLogic in Reston, VA. Denise Heuze – Denise has worked as a Scrum Master and Delivery Manager at Asurion in Dulles, VA.

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