• Agile London at Capital One - Thursday 9th August at 6pm

    White Collar Factory

    Hi everyone, Good news, our next Agile London event is confirmed for Thursday 9th August (6pm start) with Capital One based in the White Collar Factory on Old Street Roundabout (same building as CompareTheMarket for those of our members who came to that event) - full address is: White Collar Factory 1 Old Street Yard London EC1Y 8AF Some more info re our hosts... Capital One are an information based lending company, founded on the belief that technology and information could transform the industry. Still led by our founder with that vision, we are a successful global bank and one of the UK's top credit card providers supporting millions of customers. We continue to transform at pace and work at the forefront to bring the best to our customers and help them succeed. Our team is relaxed, flexible, and full of smart, driven people with heart who are working together to develop the next big things. We are proud to have received the Glassdoor Employees' Choice Award for 2018, recognising us as one of the Best Places to Work in the UK. We have 2 talks/speakers planned for the evening as well as an overview of Capital One and how they work from Himanshu Kansal (Ash) who is the Software Engineering Manager there. The talks are... Talk 1: The 5 habits for a highly effective code base by Chris Collins Chris has been a full stack engineer for over 10 years gaining a variety of experience, from working in small and big teams to managing them. Interesting facts about Chris: • He designed a Christmas number one single during my previous career as a designer • Once, Jeff Bezos acknowledged his presence in his previous engineering role In my talk, I will explore how data visualisation can be used to help improve the engineering community's coding and contribution habits. I will present some good and bad behaviours in code contributions at an individual, team and group level. For example, is the code community support distributed well in team or held up by a single point of awesomeness? Are you able to spot which teams practice Scrum or Kanban though the data? Talk 2: Pipelines are dead by Hibri Marzook (Principal Consultant at Contino) In this talk, Hibri will ask you to take a different point of view of software delivery pipelines, and how our current view of them has hindered how we deliver software. He’ll explore how we can think beyond delivery pipelines, and how to put the creators of the systems we build at the centre of it all. As always, it's first come / first served for all of our members so please do RSVP on our meetup page ASAP if you wish to reserve your place. As always, donations to our Code Club page are greatly received: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/agilelondon See you next Thursday (9th August) at 6pm. Thanks, Billy Billy Jenkins | Director www.oliverbernard.co.uk

  • Agile London at Spektrix - Thursday 5th July at 6pm

    Hi everyone, Our next Agile London (https://www.meetup.com/Agile-London/) is at Spektrix (https://www.spektrix.com/) on Thursday 5th July, starting from 6pm, at their offices in Blackfriars: Lower Ground Basement 3 Dorset Rise London EC4Y 8EN Our hosts...Spektrix provide a full stack of technology and service for sales, marketing, fundraising and admin teams in the arts. 340+ organisations around the world are working with Spektrix to deepen relationships and grow their revenue. Spektrix enables you to understand data about your customers and donors, share this across all your departments and act on it easily using intuitive tools. For this event, we have 3 speakers, Dan Bass (Director of Software Engineering at Spektrix), Mihai Tudor (Director, Quality Assurance at UBS) and Chris Matts (Agile Transformation Coach) Chris is an agile transformation coach. When he finds out what that means, he will let you know! He co-created the GIVEN-WHEN-THEN format for acceptance criteria with Dan North back in 2004. Since then, he has done some stuff with real options, staff liquidity and now capacity planning and IT risk management frameworks. He wrote a book with Olav Maassen and Chris Geary, which is really a graphic novel - but it sounds more impressive to say "a book”. @papachrismatts Mihai is a software engineer with a sweet tooth for quality and transparency. He has helped organizations ranging from start-up to enterprise level implement agile development models since 2006. He's now working for a major Investment Bank as a Test Manager in the Equity Derivatives space. Dan will kick things off with a brief intro into Spektrix and their approach to Agile, then Chris and Mihai will give their talk “Scaling Agile for Practitioners”... How do you "scale Agile”? Do you SAFe or LeSS, or even Scrum of Scrum to get your whole organisation delivering value faster? Do you fit it into your existing programme management? There has been a lot talk over the past few years about what process to roll out across organisations. Processes that many expensive behemoth consultancy firms charge the earth for in training and coaching fees. Does it actually work? Come along to get certified in scaling agile. As ever, first come first served and donations to Code Club much appreciated: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/agilelondon Please do spread the word about this meetup on LinkedIn or Twitter! Our handle is @agilelondon (https://twitter.com/agilelondon?lang=en) or we'll be using #AgileLondon! You can reach us with any queries on [masked]. Look forward to seeing many of you on Thursday 5th July at 6pm. Thanks, Billy

  • Agile London at GDS - Wednesday 2nd May at 6pm

    The White Chapel Building

    Hi everyone, Our next Agile London (https://www.meetup.com/Agile-London/)event is at the Government Digital Service (https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/government-digital-service)on Wednesday 2nd May, starting from 6pm, at their fantastic new offices in Aldgate: The White Chapel Building 10 Whitechapel High Street London E1 8QS Our hosts...Government Digital Service. The UK Government is recognised as a world leader in digital government; it ranks at the top of the United Nations’ E-government Index. We create public services that are simpler, clearer and faster to use. We deliver real, meaningful change for millions of people and help shape our society’s future. The U.S. Digital Service is modelled on ours, the New Zealand Government has used GOV.UK source code for their own online presence; countries like Canada and Australia are modelling their transformation on ours. GOV.UK has won awards including the Design Museum ‘design of the year’ and saved the taxpayer over £60 million so far. But it’s just the start. 40 major government change programmes are underway. The Government Digital Service (GDS) is a centre of excellence in digital, data and technology. We work collaboratively with departments to help them with their own transformation. Home of GOV.UK, GDS also creates shared digital platforms and tools that can be used across government, through programmes like Government as a Platform. We work in multi disciplinary agile teams (https://www.gov.uk/service-manual/agile-delivery)and always start with user needs (https://www.gov.uk/service-manual/user-research/start-by-learning-user-needs). We work to a set of Design Principles that guide us in everything we do (https://designnotes.blog.gov.uk/). Follow - @digicareersgov (https://protect-eu.mimecast.com/s/4CtECw08QULP7OHZ5tlN) and @GDSteam (https://protect-eu.mimecast.com/s/P2T3Cx6NRHJByGuoiX_O) Contact - Digital, Data and Technology Profession ([masked]). For this event, we have 3 speakers from Government Digital Service and one from Basis (https://www.basis.co.uk/): “It’s the same, but different” by Nick Tait, Head of GovTech at GDS Delivering projects in government is quite unlike anything I have ever experienced before. After 20 odd years in the private sector delivering software and hardware to customers large and small I joined the Civil Service 4 years ago in the role of Programme Delivery Manager. I am going to talk about what it is to be a Delivery Manager in the Civil Service and some of the trials, tribulations and ultimate rewards of the role. I will touch on the seemingly age old agile vs Agile debate, the development of the Digital, Data and Technology profession and how GDS continues to shape project delivery and project leadership. “Reflections on scaling agile ways of working, as experienced at GDS” by Jennifer Allum, Lead Product Manager at GDS GDS has a good tradition of reflecting on how it’s working and what it’s delivering. Our blogs (https://gds.blog.gov.uk/)are our most visible testament to that. In the last couple of years, we’ve grown in size and that’s given us yet more things to think about - like how we stay aligned, and how we optimise our work. As the Product Lead for GOV.UK I wanted to try working in a different way to focus the teams on a more aligned and visible delivery. I also wanted to have more flexibility to respond to changing pressures. A year after implementing changes, I moved to Verify and have broadly repeated the process there, albeit with learnings from my experience on GOV.UK. This new way of working has now been adopted by all product teams at GDS as we move towards a more aligned product function across all programmes. Sharing my learnings and some reflections here will hopefully help people who are considering undergoing large scale change and what that means in an agile environment. “The impact diversity and inclusion can make in agile teams” by Tia Priest, Diversity and Inclusion Manager (D&I) at GDS Everything we do in GDS is agile and centred around users and the approach to inclusion should be no different. The historic approach to D&I has at times bred exclusive mentalities and behaviours by not always allowing for intersectionality and the expression of an individual as a whole. In GDS we create a safe space whilst encouraging collaboration and the understanding that each person is greater than the sum of their parts/ identities. As D&I manager I work with our staff networks to identify systemic and cultural biases that impact on underrepresented groups. I coordinate projects but the real work happens when everyone in GDS is engaged and committed to behavioural and process changes that will improve our systems and culture. This talk will share some of our successes, failures and lessons learnt in our approach to D&I as well as why we need to stop repeatedly doing the same things and expecting different results. “Helping public services tackle messy problems, one post-it note at a time” by Matt Barnaby, Director at Basis Ltd So I’ve got two working theory’s. One is that even though the churn of daily life often makes us forget, deep down we’re pretty decent folk who want to do good things together. The second is that ‘life is something that happens whilst you’re busy making plans’. OK, so I stole that last one from John Lennon but you get the idea? I love what I do. I use Design Thinking, Agile and Adaptive Leadership to help improve Public Services. The idea is that if I improve those then someone, somewhere has a shot at a better life. Nice right? I have over 20 years experience (yikes) in working in Public Services. Some of that time was in Children’s Services, Education and Youth Work. The rest has been delivering change through projects. I deviated for a while and worked in Financial Services and even Rail which was all good fun but let’s move on. As ever, first come first served and donations to Code Club welcome here (https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/agilelondon). Feel free to spread the word about this meetup on LinkedIn or Twitter! Our handle is @agilelondon (https://twitter.com/agilelondon?lang=en) or we'll be using #AgileLondon! Look forward to seeing many of you on Wednesday 2 May at 6pm. Thanks, Billy

  • Agile London with Elsevier - Monday 5th March at 6pm

    Elsevier Offices

    Hi everyone, Oliver Bernard are very pleased to announce details for our next Agile London event - to be hosted by Elsevier at their Huckletree workspace on Monday 5th March, its a 6pm start at: AlphaBeta 2 Worship Street London EC2A 1BR Our hosts... Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals, empowering them to make better decisions, deliver better care, and sometimes make groundbreaking discoveries, that advance the boundaries of knowledge and human progress. Elsevier provides web-based, digital solutions — among them ScienceDirect, Scopus, Elsevier Research Intelligence, and ClinicalKey — and publishes nearly 2,500 journals, including The Lancet and Cell, and over 33,000 book titles, including a number of iconic reference works. We have 3 speakers lined up on the evening, all from the Agile Delivery team at Elsevier... Speaker 1: Sean Witter, Agile Delivery Manager Title: What is Agile? Introduction: I’ve heard a range of answers to this one. Everyone has their own opinion / understanding. Some people equate it to Scrum, others say, “it’s the Manifesto”. At the event, we’ll do a short exercise to explore our own understanding and see if we can define the field we’re in. Speaker 2: Ian Harvey, Senior Director of Program Management Title: The Agile Project Manager: Is it an oxymoron? Does a project manager have a role in a truly agile organisation? Introduction: This is a question many will have a strong view on. Without wanting to prejudice the discussion before it starts, Ian will talk about how his team support agile delivery at Elsevier. How they work in tandem with the agile specialists and what they do to make sure the organisation keeps focused on what really drives success. Speaker 3: Manuele Piastra, Scrum Master (CSP) & Agile Coach Title: The Product Owner, or Manager or Person. Introduction: The Product Owner in Scrum is a tough and often misunderstood role. I will go through the do's and don'ts of an effective Product Owner, sharing tips from experience. Please sign up on our meetup page (https://www.meetup.com/Agile-London/) ASAP as we operate a first come policy. As always, please direct any queries to [masked]. Look forward to seeing you on Monday 5th March at 6pm. Thanks, Billy Billy Jenkins | Director 42 New Broad Street, London, EC2M 1JD DD: +44 [masked] | M: +44 [masked] www.oliverbernard.co.uk (http://www.oliverbernard.co.uk/)

  • Agile London at Trainline - Thursday 30th November at 6pm

    Hi everyone, We have an Agile London (http://www.oliverbernard.co.uk/meetups/agile-london/) event this week at Trainline (https://www.thetrainline.com/) on Thursday 30th November. It has a scheduled 6:00pm start at their fantastic new offices near Chancery Lane station at: 120 Holborn London EC1N 2TD Our hosts... Trainline are a one-stop shop for train travel. Every day, they bring together routes, fares and journey times from train companies in 24 countries so their customers can easily buy train tickets and save time, hassle or money. Everyone at Trainline does exactly what they do best. And even though they work in different teams, they make sure to perform as one company. With offices in London, Paris and Edinburgh, the aim is to work together in the most productive and efficient way. As a customer-centric company, they're constantly reviewing their technology stack and technical practices to enable better customer experiences. It means they're technology driven, making engineering central to everything that they do. And, like the products created, they're smarter about the way they setup to deliver great tech too. Operating in cross-functional teams that they call clusters, so there’s no chasm that divides technology and the business at trainline – they are one team with very little hierarchy. It makes them decisive, lean and innovative and ensures opinions are equal and ideas flow freely. For this event, we have 2 speakers from Trainline: “Soft Skills are Hard!” By Haran Rasalingam, Enterprise Agile Coach at Trainline Solving technical problems is a given, designing smooth processes feels great, but these are trivial by comparison with the complexities of working with the psychology of several hundred individuals in order to bring them all together working towards a common goal! In this talk, Haran will talk about some of the strategies he has employed to effect cultural change at Trainline. “Evolutionary Management” By Ian Randolph, Product Owner at Trainline What does the next stage of organisational evolution look like? To understand where we’re heading, Ian will tell a story of how organisations and teams have evolved over the past 10,000 years, from early tribes to today’s most progressive companies. Ian will then share the results of 15 months of experimentation with evolutionary management, distinguishing powerful practices you can trial in your teams tomorrow. We are also lucky to have an expert guest speaker - Kelly Waters, who is the founder and CEO of 101 Ways, a product-focused technology consultancy. With over 30 years experience in the software industry, Kelly has a deep understanding of the tech space and what it takes to bring about successful product development and delivery. In 2010, Kelly was recognised for his work by the agile community when he won an award for being the ‘Most Valuable Agile Player in the UK’. In 2016, he also won an award for ‘most popular online contributor’ in the agile community. Kelly continues to help shape the ‘agile’ debate both in the UK and abroad through a combination of regular industry speaking engagements and social media as well as via his well-established blog. Meanwhile, 101 Ways is going from strength to strength, quickly becoming one of the most sought-after technology consultancies in London. “Beyond Agile” By Kelly Waters, CEO at 101 Ways Doing Agile is not enough. To stay ahead of the competition you need to go beyond just doing Agile, to being truly agile. In this short talk, Kelly gives his views on what is needed to do this, to enable organisations to not only respond to change but to anticipate it, by optimising the whole product lifecycle, getting the best people and creating the conditions for success. Again, this is the last meetup of the year and it would be great to see a really strong turnout. As ever, first come first served and donations to Code Club welcome here (https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/agilelondon). Feel free to spread the word about this meetup on LinkedIn or Twitter! Our handle is @agilelondon or we'll be using #AgileLondon! Look forward to seeing many of you on Thursday 30th November. Thanks, Billy http://www.oliverbernard.co.uk

  • Agile London with Playtech - Thursday 23rd November 2017 at 6:15pm

    Hi everyone, Great to see many of you last week at comparethemarket.com - I'm sure you will agree that it was a really excellent Agile London (http://www.oliverbernard.co.uk/meetups/agile-london/)event. Slides for both of the talks will be posted on to our meetup page (https://www.meetup.com/Agile-London) and other social networking platforms today. If you attended CtM.com or have joined an Agile London event in the past please leave us a group review - we'd love to hear what you think! As I mentioned on Thursday, we have 2 more events planned this side of Christmas - starting with Playtech (https://www.playtech.com/)on Thursday 23rd November, it's a 6:15pm start in their Camden offices at: 10 Jamestown Road Camden London NW1 7BY About our hosts: Playtech is the world's largest supplier of online gaming and sports betting software. They're committed to leading the industry by providing the best and newest experiences to their customers. In London, the Playtech Innovation Labs are changing the way we make and distribute content. We have 2 speakers on the evening, 1 from Playtech and 1 external guest speaker from Funding Circle... Talk 1: Dr Toby Sucharov – Manager of Playtech Innovation Labs Title: Innovation in the Enterprise Abstract: Based on nearly 2 decades doing Innovation, we’ll look at the factors affecting large scale Innovation, What’s the difference between Agile and Innovation? Why Enterprise companies have trouble Innovating? How you can introduce Agile Innovation to Enterprise Companies and how a project should own its processes and not the company. We’ll also look at Innovation in Playtech and how we do Innovation here. Talk 2: Carl Pearse - Head of Global Delivery at Funding Circle Title - Being Agile during Anarchy Company - Funding Circle is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace that allows investors to lend money directly to small and medium-sized businesses. In 2010, Funding Circle was the first website to use the process of peer-to-peer lending for business funding in the UK, and now operates in the UK, US, Germany, and the Netherlands. Synopsis - Re-platforming often can take many years and involve a heap of technical risk and uncertainty, both in the choice and adoption of new technologies and the continue delivery of business value. We'll walk Funding Circle's journey though this process and the learning and adapting along the way. As always, the event is free to attend and we work on a 'first come, first served' basis; with contributions to Code Club thankfully received - just click here (https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/agilelondon). Feel free to spread the word about this meetup on LinkedIn or Twitter! Our handle is @agilelondon or we'll be using #AgileLondon! We look forward to seeing many of you on Thursday 23rd November at 6:15pm. Thanks, Billy Billy Jenkins | Director http://www.oliverbernard.co.uk/meetups/agile-london/ (http://www.oliverbernard.co.uk/)

  • Agile London - Agile Product Roadmaps Meetup at comparethemarket.com

    Hi everyone, Oliver Bernard (http://www.oliverbernard.co.uk) have teamed up with comparethemarket.com (http://www.comparethemarket.com/) for a special Agile London event on Thursday 9th November, starting at 6:15pm, in their fantastic Old Street based office (the one with a running track on the roof) at: White Collar Factory, 1 Old Street Yard, London, EC1Y 8AF Some info from our hosts... comparethemarket.com are on a mission to create slick, responsive webpages for our award-winning comparison site, whilst improving customer experience for our millions of users. We’re passionate about what we do and are advocates of sharing, learning and collaborating – we don’t mind challenging each other. We have 2 talks scheduled for the evening... 1st speaker: Roman Pichler (https://www.linkedin.com/in/romanpichler/) – Product Management Expert @ Pichler Consulting Title: Agile Product Roadmaps Abstract: Product roadmaps are powerful tools: they paint a rough picture of how a product is likely to grow over time. But applying them in an agile context can be challenging: How is it possible to create a realistic roadmap when markets and technologies unexpectedly change? How can we build a longer-term plan when agile teams commit to no more than four weeks? How do the product roadmap and the product backlog relate? Who should be involved in roadmapping activities and who owns the roadmap? My talk answers these questions and shares practical tips for successfully using product roadmaps. 2nd speaker/s: Peter Earl (https://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-earl-905b718/)– Head of Product @comparethemarket.com & Zan Buchanan (https://www.linkedin.com/in/zan-buchanan-b708b023/)– Senior Project Manager @comparethemarket.com Title: Executing agile product roadmaps - relationship optimisation between product and delivery teams Synopsis: Pete (Product Owner) and Zan (Delivery Manager) will demonstrate how important it is to maintain an optimal relationship to ensure the product vision and roadmaps are executed brilliantly well. Through sharing details of their roles, roadmaps and experiences, they will bring to life the key watchouts and best practices critical for helping achieve success. With plenty of opportunity to pick their brains and challenge their working practices, they hope you go away with at least one nugget to help you on your own agile journey! This will once again be a ‘free’ event although, as always, we would love for attendees to make a contribution to our not for profit partner Code Club here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/agilelondon . Look forward to seeing many new faces and some of our regulars again on Thursday 9th November at 6:15pm. Thanks all! Feel free to spread the word about this meetup on LinkedIn or Twitter! Our handle is @agilelondon or we'll be using #AgileLondon! Thanks, Billy www.oliverbernard.co.uk (http://www.oliverbernard.co.uk/)

  • Agile London - Measurement: How We Build, Measure and Learn at the FT (2nd Oct)

    Financial Times - FT Offices, Southwark Bridge

    Hi everyone, We have 3 or 4 slightly different Agile London events planned over the next 8 weeks or so, starting off with the next one focusing on measuring and learning with the Financial Times (https://www.ft.com/)on 2nd October... Theme: Measurement: How We Build, Measure and Learn at the FT. Date/Time: Monday 2nd October at 6:00pm Address: Number One Southwark Bridge, London, SE1 9HL Speakers: • Nick Hayes (Programme Director) - Delivering Against Measurable Outcomes • Amy Nicholson(Developer, FT.com) - A/B tests: How We Set Them Up, How We Learn Through Data • Claire Powell (Senior Product Manager, Editorial Technology) - Lantern: How we Build Measure and Learn with Internal Customers • Stephen Elson(Head of Content Platform) - Metadata Metrics for the Newsroom One of the world’s leading global business news publishers, the FT is recognised as innovators within the media industry, pioneering successful new digital products and models. Constantly innovating to build the best version of FT.com, the new sites have more features than ever for readers and look polished on all devices. Read more about the FT Engine Room at http://engineroom.ft.com/ Some slightly different themes/content for us all to look forward to! Please sign up for this event on our Meetup Page (https://www.meetup.com/Agile-London) ASAP to secure your place and we very much look forward to seeing many of the community on Monday 2nd October. Thanks, Billy Billy Jenkins | Director 42 New Broad Street, London, EC2M 1JD DD: +44 [masked] | M: +44 [masked] www.oliverbernard.co.uk (http://www.oliverbernard.co.uk/)

  • AgileLondon with comparethemarket.com - Wednesday 19th July at 6:30pm (NEW DATE)

    Hi everyone, We are very pleased to confirm details for Oliver Bernard’s (http://www.oliverbernard.co.uk) next Agile London event which we will be hosting with comparethemarket.com (http://www.comparethemarket.com) on Wednesday 19th July, starting at 6:30pm, in their fantastic new Old Street based London office: White Collar Factory[masked] City Road London EC1V 9BR Some info about the event from our fantastic hosts… At comparethemarket.com we’re on a mission to create slick, responsive webpages for our award-winning comparison site, whilst improving customer experience for our millions of users. We’re passionate about what we do and are advocates of sharing, learning and collaborating – we don’t mind challenging each other. Based within the newly developed White Collar Factory, our offices are in the heart of Silicon Roundabout, and on the 19th July we invite you to join us to hear us talk about “Just How We Roll”, describing how work flows through our delivery funnel, from inception through to release - if we get time we’ll also provide an insight into our “Magic Dust”, “Path2Awesomeness” and “Immunisation Dashboard”. We have 3 main speakers from CTM, Reeya Patel (Business Analyst), Jody Carson (Delivery Manager) and Gary Stevens (Functional Lead) who’ll be joined by our special guest, Dan North (the originator of Behaviour-Driven Development) who’ll be kicking things off with a talk around flow and how to measure efficiency. It probably goes without saying, but this event will fill up very quickly so please RSVP now on meetup (https://www.meetup.com/Agile-London/)as we operate a first come, first served policy for our members. This will once again be a ‘free’ event although, as always, we would love for attendees to make a contribution to our partner Code Club here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/agilelondon . Our kind hosts will also be providing refreshments! See you on Wednesday 19th July. Thanks, Agile London team at Oliver Bernard [masked]

  • Agile London Follow-up at Dealogic - Thursday 18th May at 6:30pm

    Location visible to members

    Hi everyone, We are having a follow up / bonus Agile London in a few weeks time with http://www.dealogic.com following a very successful event with them last year. There were a number of questions raised from the group following the talks so all involved felt it would make sense to organise another event with them to discuss and give further information regarding how they work there. Office address is: One New Change London EC4M 9AF To remind you, Dealogic is a financial markets platform that offers integrated content, analytics, and technology via a single solution to top financial firms worldwide. Whether working in capital markets, sales and trading, banking, or compliance, firms rely on the Dealogic platform to connect and more effectively identify opportunities, execute deals, and manage risk. With 30 years’ experience and a deep understanding of financial markets, Dealogic is a trusted global partner with offices in London, Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Mumbai etc. Event Title: Delivering Better Software, Faster & More Effectively General Theme: We will cover several important points around getting your software from a developers machine into production, as the title says, Faster and at a High Quality. It will be focused around Deployment management, Dev Ops teams, faster software delivery and better product feature management and breakdown while effectively showing what your teams have delivered along with a part on managing quality. Some of the key areas covered include: Adopting a Dev & Ops mentality -Why , Whats the point - initial problem - early pains - TFS / Agile adoption - Dev&Ops team Better Software Release - ADF Deployment - RM/DDC Pipeline management Minimizing Collaboration (Maximizing the time you are not blocked) - UX integration - Componentization - Plug and Play widgets - Deployable Units - Pros of this approach Quality - Security - QA Automation - Mobile Testing The MVP your best friend - Build and iterate based on client feedback rather than assumption - Beta and Prod phases Showing & Telling effectively - Using Feature videos over formal presentations - Monthly product newsletters Culture - Office setup - Social Events Please RSVP on the Agile London page if you would like to attend. As always, food and drink to be provided by our kind hosts and any proceeds raised from the event will be donated to our charity partner, Code Club. We look forward to seeing some of you in the City on Thursday 18th May at 6:30pm. Thanks, Billy