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Through Agile:MK, we invite everyone to help drive the adoption and improvement of Agile methodologies in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area. We do this through sharing experiences, talking with experts within areas of interest, and creating a space for Agile professionals to network and share their successes and challenges with adopting and practicing Agile.

Through doing this we want to raise the standards of professional working life for the Agile community in our area.

For news about Agile in Milton Keynes our events and other updates see out meetup page and follow us on twitter: @AgileMK (https://twitter.com/AgileMK).

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Agile:MK July - Beginner's Introduction to Agile

WorkForce Software

Anyone welcome! An introduction to Agile and Scrum for beginners covering the origins of Agile, the manifesto & principles and an introduction to Scrum. We see this as an opportunity for Group members to invite friends and colleagues who know very little about Agile to get an independent briefing. Speaker: Steve Garnett, Certified Enterprise Coach with the Scrum Alliance

Agile:MK September - Anna Novikova


Anna is an Agile Transformation coach and a Scrum Master who has worked with a number or organisations in e-commerce, finance and consultancy sectors. Her keen interest in Agile leadership led her to conduct extensive research of the subject via numerous interviews with senior IT leadership professionals across a vast number of industries. She will share with us her findings with practical examples on the following topics: • The key differences between traditional and Agile leadership • The true role of an Agile leader in digital transformation • The best and worst traits of an Agile leader and how to recognise them

Agile:MK October - subject tbc



Agile:MK December - Paul Grenyer: All you need is Java*

In a world where .Net, PHP and nodejs are also major players, all you really need is Java, JavaScript and the JVM. In this session Paul will explore why he believes Java* should be your default choice for new project development, from the languages themselves and how they can work seamlessly together, to the tool chains which lend themselves naturally to agile development practices and on to the plethora of infrastructure options. Of course Java* has its drawbacks too and he’ll look at a few of those and how some can be overcome. About Paul TBC

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