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Agile:MK May - Rob Brown: Success breeds success so… how do you get to that?

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Measuring agile success is unexpectedly difficult for many organisations. Why, and what can we do pragmatically to ensure the returns are greater than the investments?

Rob will present a quick overview of some of the approaches that are common, seem logical, and are even desirable to managers and leaders and different levels.

We’ll pool our collective thoughts and experiences and personally try to make deeper sense of why this is so hard, and what we can all do about it.
We will talk about some unconventional tips that work.

The target audience is everyone involved currently, in the past or in the future, with an “agile transformation”. If you’ve “nailed this” please come and share, if you’ve ever been “stung” or been bewildered by this, please come and join us. I suspect ideas about success reach into any kind of major organisation transformation (lean, digital, productisation, TQM, etc).

How do you stay focused, no matter your role, and achieve the success-breeds-success context? How do you stay sane, positive and enthusiastic to deliver the desired output and the desired transformation? How do you look after your self and your own stamina level? Success breeds success so … how do you achieve it?

About Rob Brown:
Rob Brown has led several agile transformations in small, medium and global FTSE250 organisations. Thus far he has invested 24 years being passionate about software, brainware and peopleware - doing the right thing and doing it the right way. Working smarter, not harder, has led to me exploring the multitude of practices available to all the SDLC roles and phases whilst delivering, helping others deliver, leading delivery, and various non-delivery roles. After the Object Active ‘99 conference, I started a personal mission to understand things I did not understand - this has led me into many interesting subjects as well as working with talented intelligent people on remarkable things! Since 2010, most of my time goes into helping organisations of any size adopt the agile mindset and suitable practices (technical, people and business) that are sensible to try in their context now, and facilitating the vision to achieve their future goals in their marketplace typically pressured by global changes.