• Agile:MK March - Open Space


    For our March meetup Agile:MK co-host Rien Sach will facilitate an Open Space session. What will we talk about? Up to you!

  • Agile:MK February - Wardley Maps


    For our February meetup Agile:MK co-host John Donoghue will introduce an overview of Wardley Maps - what are they, how do I create them, and how might they be useful.

  • Agile:MK January - My journey with flow and why it floats my boat

    At this Agile:MK event we have Ben Nicholls who describes the session in his own words as follows...

    Three years ago I was a long-time programme manager in a major European bank. Then a door opened, I went to a session making paper boats and I got hooked on flow and how key principles can be demonstrated in a fun, interactive 1-hour workshop. This session will take you through my introduction to agile, including my key learnings (and failings) facilitating 30 boats sessions in the bank. Oh waterfall, if I knew then what I know now!

    I am an agile consultant at Santander UK, helping individuals and teams improve their delivery of value. I have been with Santander for 8 years, before which I spent 25 years delivering IT change in a variety of UK financial institutions. In my spare time, I enjoy photography and the cinema.

  • Agile:MK December - John Woollam: Cumulative Flow Diagrams

    John will show a natural development of the Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) from the Kanban Board and the Burndown Chart. He will explore things we can measure on a CFD, then show common patterns in software development and how they are revealed on a CFD. Finally he has a number of CFD's taken from his teams for you to interpret.

    John is an Agile Coach who promotes agility rather than agile frameworks, and DevOps rather than deployment teams. John has bee working for Sainsburys since 2018 with co-located and split-offshore teams, and with a team of coaches on the bigger picture. Previously John worked as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master since 2014, in software development since 1999, and before that has been a showroom manager, telesales, doorstep delivery, factory quality inspector, and also served in the Royal Air Force.

  • Agile:MK November - VFQ: Metrics that Matter by Don Ewart

    After 20 years, most companies are still struggling to understand, implement and see benefits of Agile methods. Annually, unwilling management and corporate culture are reported as the problem. One fundamental challenge is to move their focus from mechanical measures of Time, Cost and Scope to a set of 'metrics that matter' in the age of software - to them, their organisations and customers. During this talk, Don will explore what these measures are and why they just might work

  • Agile:MK October - So When Will It Be Done?


    In a perfect Agile world we work on the next most important thing as fast as we (sustainably) can, deliver it when it’s done, and repeat.

    However, the reality for a lot of us is we still hear things like:
    • “So when can I tell the customer it will be done?”
    • “You can do Agile if you want, but the company still expects everything to be done on time, on budget and with the required scope”
    • “How can we decide if we’re going to fund this if we don’t know what we’ll get by when?”

    In this session Agile:MK organisers John and Rien will share examples from their work places, then lead a discussion around the experiences of the rest of the group and share ideas for what works and what doesn’t.

    If time allows we’ll also describe an idea that we haven’t tried yet to see what the group think, how different people would approach it, if it might work in our different organisations. You never know, we might come up with an approach that finally fixes this problem!*

    *might but probably won’t. no refunds** if we don’t actually manage to solve all your problems
    ** Agile:MK is free, we’re joking about refunds

  • Agile:MK September - Anna Novikova


    Anna is an Agile Transformation coach and a Scrum Master who has worked with a number or organisations in e-commerce, finance and consultancy sectors. Her keen interest in Agile leadership led her to conduct extensive research of the subject via numerous interviews with senior IT leadership professionals across a vast number of industries.

    She will share with us her findings with practical examples on the following topics:
    • The key differences between traditional and Agile leadership
    • The true role of an Agile leader in digital transformation
    • The best and worst traits of an Agile leader and how to recognise them

  • Agile:MK July - Beginner's Introduction to Agile

    WorkForce Software

    Anyone welcome!
    An introduction to Agile and Scrum for beginners covering the origins of Agile, the manifesto & principles and an introduction to Scrum.

    We see this as an opportunity for Group members to invite friends and colleagues who know very little about Agile to get an independent briefing.

    Speaker: Steve Garnett, Certified Enterprise Coach with the Scrum Alliance

  • Agile:MK June - Steve Garnett: Creating an Agile company, a case study

    Agile:MK founder Steve Garnett returns!

    From the perspective of CTO as Agile Evangelist, Steve will talk through the experience of transforming a company to an Agile approach including the challenges, learnings, outcomes and suggested tactics/patterns for other companies to adopt.

    There'll be 3 main threads to the conversation:
    • Investment: shareholders, executive, leadership, strategy & alignment and its impact on change
    • Simple Messaging for strategy: Build it right; Build the right thing; Build it fast and how to use this to achieve outcomes
    • Organisational design: Mastery; Autonomy; Purpose - patterns for organisations to improve MAP