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In this meetup, let's have an open discussion forum where we can use and increase the collective knowledge of the group. Agile is a broad church, being an open forum, anything is up for grabs, as long it is Agile-related. Here are some areas that may get you thinking:

Agile adoption Software engineering practices Gathering requirements / story writing Inception and release planning Quality assurance practices Agile and User eXperience Project/portfolio management Cross-functional teams Work management concepts We encourage you to use this forum to share with the group your:

Questions Problems Ideas Insights Learnings How will it work

We will run the session in a time-boxed kanban-like format:

Everyone to add topics to our the backlog by writing their topic on an index card and placing them on the wall. (10 mins) We will all vote on what topics are important to us. Limited votes per person. (5 minutes) Once the voting is complete, we will order the backlog based on the topics that received the most votes and place them in the "to do" column. (5 minutes) We will start working our way through the "to do" column, discussing topics in prioritised order with 5 minutes time-boxed checkpoints. (60 minutes) The topic at the top of the backlog will be moved into the "in progress" column. The person who wrote the card should share with the team the topic and why they wanted to share it with the group. We will collectively discuss the topic for 5 minutes. Once 5 minutes is up, the group will then decide if they wish to continue talking about the topic for another 5 minutes or continue onto another topic. When the group decides to move on, the topic is moved into the "done" column and we then move the next highest voted topic from the "to do" column into the "in progress" column and discuss. This approach means that we should get through the most important topics to the group however we may not get through all the topics nominated. Feel free to ask members of group afterwards if its a really burning topic for you that you'd like to discuss.

Make sure you come ready to raise topics and share your knowledge!