What we're about

A community and movement for those applying agile outside IT.

It provides an opportunity to share experiences in the application of agile values, principles and practices beyond its roots in IT.

We also very much welcome those that are considering working this way and wish to know more.

While most of what is practiced is at an individual and team level, we also tip into related topics such as enterprise scaling and lean portfolio.

The purpose the meetup is to provide learning, networking and inspiration.

To do this, the meetup is typically based around two or three talks, followed by an open space session where the talks will form the main topics for group discussion, plus others proposed on the night by members.

We are industry and sector agnostic, and believe together we can transform the working world for the better.

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Best of "Being Human" with Richard Atherton

We are delighted to announce that Richard will be joining us for the evening. Here's his journey so far: Late evening on March 14 last year, Richard got out his credit card and declared “I’m in”. With that, he joined the “Broadcast Yourself” podcast coaching programme led by YouTuber Brian Rose. 43 episodes later and over 30 thousand downloads in, the “Being Human” podcast is now very much a thing. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgx-q1V2sfjXcbV9ali37pA From the start, his mission was to bring a deeper conversation to business. To that end, Richard has interviewed therapists, bare-foot crusaders and CEOs amongst several Agile luminaries including Kent Beck, Dave Snowden, Dan North and more. In this session, Richard will share his most striking learnings from over 50 hours of conversation. He will also present a world premiere: a collation of his guests’ answers to his signature question, “What does it mean to be human?”

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