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Join us for something potentially mind-blowing and alternative; genuine thought leadership territory.

Andrew Holm offers a potential glimpse into the future of work and business organisations.

Featured on BBC Radio 4 In-Business, Andrew and his business partner are the founders of the world’s first truly self-managing organisation.

Matt Black Systems manufacture helicopter and aeroplane parts in the UK in a highly competitive, regulated and complex business sector:

They have achieved truly spectacular results: increasing business profitability by 35%, tripling business productivity, delighting all their customers and totally engaging the employees.

Session Outline:

We will explore the nature of human behaviour within traditional business structure and why the best adaption may not be in the best interest of customers, shareholders and the employees themselves.

We will explore why great tools (Lean and Agile) are rejected in favour of the ‘status quo’ and why a successful implementation often causes increases in human stress and discomfort.

The meeting will be an interactive session to distinguish why traditional Lean and Agile practices often have to be pushed into a business by specialist consultants and why, when the consultants are removed, the business reverts back to the original behaviours.

Andrew will describe the journey he made, with his business partner, to transform a traditionally run (command & control) organisation into a truly self-managing organisation. How the formal management structure was eliminated and how the informal management structure was engaged. He will explore the nature of designing structures to elicit human beings to bring their ‘magic’ to work.

After the meeting you will be able to:

• Distinguish the true waste in your organisation

• Identify why Lean & Agile transformations may struggle to succeed in the long term

• Design your own business structures

• Become a shareholder not a manager

• Turn ‘magic’ into money

• Obtain 25% ROI

Pre-reading (if you simply cannot wait!):

'Journey to the fractal’ document available on (

Podcast: BBC Radio 4 In Business with Peter Day: Companies without Managers