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Agile Peterborough aims to build a thriving community of technology advocates to enable local business growth, support local schools, share knowledge and learn from each other.

Through talks, events, workshops and volunteering we hope to learn and share knowledge, to promote best practice and breed new talent.

Peterborough has a wealth of both technology and engineering companies. Agile Peterborough is open to all technology and engineering enthusiasts to meet, discuss and share knowledge.

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Agile on Tap - Product Mastery

The Brewery Tap

Building products is tough. Here at Agile Peterborough we know you all love a tough challenge and what better way to make tough challenges easy than by sharing the load, finding out what works for others, asking questions and probing for ideas!

It's with that in mind that we have put together a super product double bill focusing on building digital products.

Bringing you both a real world 'from the trenches' case study and also the very latest insight from one of the UK's premier Product thought leaders, Agile Peterborough veteran Dave Martin, we can safely guarentee if you work in tech you're leaving full of new ideas!

Its going to be awesome as ever - we've a sponsored bar plenty of great networking opportunities with some of the UK's smartest engineering talent, all the warm glow of the Brewery Tap 'back-room'.

*Some of you might spot this talk was originally scheduled for Dec - Due to catching covid Josh was unable to do this and has offered to return in March!

Talk 1:
Title: From Basecamp to Summit - A journey of shipping work that matters not using scrum.
Joshua Brown - Head of Product at Hive Learning

At Hive Learning we deliver in 6-week cycles allowing a dynamically constructed team of cross functional engineers to develop solutions closely aligned to our business priority.

Following Basecamp's shapeup we've guided our development teams through several years of product development. This talk will share our implementation along with the lessons, pitfalls and challenges we're tackling.

Talk 2:
Title: Product Market Fit is Dead!
Dave Martin - Right to Left
In the tech world we speak of 'Product Market Fit' as a badge you either have/don't have. Some people think it's the nirvana, the promised land, the one thing that matters, "you just feel it". Others think it's a fugazi, operationally useless, a "VC pipe dream". It's hard to measure, you only seem to know it if you have it. And what happens if you lose it again?

In reality, the market is dynamic, the segment you focus on changes & your product is evolving. This talk explores the pitfalls of PMF & improved ways to model & execute your product strategy.

Dave is Founder of RighToLeft and the creator of the Product VCP. He coaches leaders to scale products and lead effective product management functions. He is trusted by leaders from scale-ups and large companies such as Evotix, Adobe, GitLab, Synk, MentionMe, Contentful, BT, Rotageek and many more.

Dave is a qualified executive coach with over 2 decades of experience in product leadership. In CPO roles, Dave has exited multiple SaaS businesses, including a 9 figure revenue company.

His experience includes leadership roles working on products for Google, CompareTheMarket, Tes Global, ThoughtWorks, PepsiCo, Bauer Media, Adobe and various startups.

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