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Coach Retreat

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*** Coach Retreat Registration will open about two weeks ahead of the event

Oana Juncu - a world leading agile expert, co-inventor of Coach Retreat and Coach Dojo has is arriving to Israel to speak at "Agile Practitioners 2016 (" conference. At the conference she will be holding the session The Storytelling Battle ( As Einstein put it, "If you cannot tell it simply, it means you don’t understand it".

And that is a great intro to the Coach Retreat: Oana had graciously suggested to facilitate an Agile Coach Retreat in Israel!
She will be co-facilitating this event with Elad Sofer
Coach Retreats have been conducted numerous times world wide (the 3rd ever was in Israel!)

If you are an agile coach, agile champion, or otherwise leading agile change in your organization, we would like to invite you to attend the second Israeli Agile coach Retreat.
During this event you will have the opportunity to try out several coaching techniques. In this full day event, you will work in small groups, in a facilitated manner. A different technique will be presented each session, tried out, and reviewed.
In the spirit of CodeRetreat, this event is free of charge.
We do ask that participants have experience in coaching teams, or otherwise have hands-on experience with team dynamics.

  • The space for this is event is very limited so we kindly ask that you register only if you are certain that you are going to attend.
  • A maximum of two people from each organization are permitted.
    *As space is limited and since we want maximum diversity, the organizers reserve the right to cancel a registration - but we promise to do that with a good explanation :)

*** be aware that while the this event is free, conference registered participant will get precedence if the event is overbooked (and it is already..)

Agile Practitioners extends its thanks to:
Oana Juncu for co-facilitating this event
SAP for sponsoring the event, providing the venue, lunch and refreshments.

15 Hatidhar Street · raanana
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