The difference between Product vs Project management

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Every 3rd Tuesday of the month

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Tonight we will be exploring the differences and similarities between project and product management.

Why this topic?
On our agile journey have come to value sustaining teams over temporary ones. We know hat sustaining teams out perform temporary teams for a number of reasons, including a sense of long term ownership, deep domain knowledge and experience working together.

We are rejecting the notion promotes in the past of the "Project Organisation." We argue that a product approach to IT systems and digital products makes more sense than a project one.

But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. I bet there is plenty of good stuff in the project manager's knowledge set that can be used in the context of product management. I also bet that not every situation needs a product management approach. And of course, there are still plenty of active projects out there using agile methods.

Let's take a look at this together and see what we think are the opportunities.

* Open with a talk, setting the scene
* Generate some theme to work around
* Break into small groups exploring themes
* Come back together and share the insights

While we are at it we might also take a look at the role of delivery managers, iterations managers, coaches, scrum masters etc.