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Solving Wicked Scaling Agile Problems with SAFe, Empathy & Courage

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Solving Wicked Scaling Agile Problems with SAFe, Empathy & Courage Presented by: Siraj Sirajuddin, SPCT, MBA

Scaling Agile in large enterprises is an amazing challenge to the human spirit and gives such a sense of accomplishment and joy. There are many ways to scale agile and, in this presentation, we will listen to stories of solving these wicked problems with Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Empathy and Courage.

· We will listen to 2-3 stories and experiences that bring real life case studies to our attention of human beings in wicked problems that compel our curiosity to discover newer aspects of a well-known scaling agile framework (SAFe).

· One story is about empathy with the wicked problem itself. And empathy with the people in the problem.

· Another one is a personal journey of courage – for what happens in our professional life sometimes mirrors our personal life.

· Finally, we will hear a story about connecting hundreds of personal visions to the shared vision of an organization’s journey into scaling agile.

· Participants will share in these experiential stories, intuit relevance to their wicked problems and imagine their journey of courage and personal growth.

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