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Si l'agilité et scrum vous intéresse que vous avez envie d'en parler, d'échanger et partager vos expériences, rencontrer d'autres praticien.nes ou curieux.euse et voulez en apprendre d'avantage tout en prenant une bière dans des endroits cool de Montréal: joins-toi à NOUS!

If all things agile and scrum interests you and you would like to talk about it, share your experiences, meet other practitioners or maybe you're just curious and want to learn more while having a beer in cool bars in Montreal: join us!

Qui sommes-nous? Who are we?
Scrum Beer Montréal by Agile Lounge® supported by Scrum Alliance® hosted Online until the end of the Pandemic is a Scrum User Group of volunteer that LOVe LEAN, Scrum, Business Agility and Gathering People to freely meet, talk and have a beer in an Open Space Networking way.  Very simple and fun!

Nous sommes des bénévoles agiles enthousiastes et agile entrepreneurs. Les règles sont donc autogérées et carpé diem au thèmes de chaque Scrum Beer.
We are volunteers agile and scrum entrepreneurs and coaches.  Our rules are very light and self-organized. It all in the moment of a theme at each Scrum Beer. 
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Upcoming events (1)

Scrum Beer #21 - What is Enterprise Scrum?


This is a Place Holder for our 21st Scrum Beer... Austin TX or Montreal - TBD ;-)
This event might be open as an IRL +Virtual - TBC

MARK THE DATE, only thing that is certain: is Thursday, March 23rd. 2022

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Hope to Welcome your curiosity to understand and learn about what is Enterprise Scrum and networking together.
We might have other speakers that join me to describe and talk about ESAB (Enterprise Scrum for Business Agility). Only ex-student of Beedle and more HP agile people. That will be fun and instructif

Alexandre F. Joly

Past events (23)

Scrum Beer #20: Welcoming 2023 with the Age of Agile

Deville Dinerbar