What's in The Pragmatic Programmer 2nd Edition? Part 1

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This is an online event where we'll study the book "The Pragmatic Programmer 2nd Edition by Dave Thomas, Andy Hunt" together. https://pragprog.com/book/tpp20/the-pragmatic-programmer-20th-anniversary-edition

During the event, we will walk through every chapter by having the leads of each chapter share with us what's in it and their learning as well as some time for Q&A. The event is hosted at Zoom https://zoom.us/j/183460470

How to be a chapter lead?
- Contact Stanly to express your interest and let him know your top 2 chapters you want to share (first come first serve). There will also be a few questions provided to guide your sharing
- Each chapter can have a maximum of two people co-lead.
- We have 10 mins for each chapter sharing.

Chapters and leads
Part 1
Chapter 1 - A Pragmatic Philosophy (Janice Tan)
Chapter 2 - A Pragmatic Approach (Stanly Lau)
Chapter 3 - The Basic Tools (Alex Aditya)
Chapter 4 - Pragmatic Paranoia (Vijay K Surisetti)

Part 2 (for the next event)
Chapter 5 - Bend, or Break
Chapter 6 - Concurrency
Chapter 7 - While You Are Coding
Chapter 8 - Before the Project
Chapter 9 - Pragmatic Projects