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The Life of a Mob Programmer with Thomas Desmond

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I hope everyone is doing okay in these unusual times. While we're stuck-at-home we can still get together to share successes and tips on how to work better. Which brings us to our first ever remote Agile SoCal meeting! This month we'll be hearing from Thomas Desmond, one of the mob programmers from Hunter Industries.

Mob Programming is a software development practice that brings together three to five developers all working on the same thing at the same time. One computer, one keyboard, one task, and one group of people working together.

At Hunter Industries, Thomas Desmond uses Mob Programming full-time, on all production software, because of the quality of the software produced. They consistently have no reported bugs in production and at one point went a year and a half with no reported bugs in production.

Join Thomas as he shares what Mob Programming is, what it is like to be a Mob Programmer, the benefits we get out of it, and some negatives about it as well. Attendees will leave excited about Mob Programming and thinking about how they can apply its principles in their environments.

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Thomas Desmond is a senior software engineer, having spent the last four years at Hunter Industries as a full-time Mob Programmer. At Hunter Industries all production code must be developed as a mob. There are currently nine mobs working on production software that have successfully released multiple applications ranging from desktop, web, and mobile apps. Hunter had an outstanding year and a half of no reported bugs in production due to the success of the Mob Programming Team.

Thomas has acted as a university instructor incorporating mob programming into the classroom environment. He also has multiple technical courses released to the online learning platform Thomas Desmond can be reached directly on Twitter @ThomasJDesmond or his personal website

A special thank you to Rocket Nine Solutions for hosting our on-line meetup.

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