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As of Jan 2013, there are more than 300,000 certified testers (from various global testing certification bodies) and at the same time there are more than 50,000 certified scrum professional. As per “State of Agile” Survey 2008 to 2012 published by VersionOne, agile momentum is picking up. Also it states that 83% of the respondents would be implementing agile in their future projects. This means there is a huge testing and agile community, but there aren’t any agile testers! Not only this there is no defined learning roadmap for testing community in agile space. Agile Testing Alliance is trying to fill this void. It can be done only by agile testing community at large. It cannot be done by some experts in boardroom. This and all other AgileTestingAlliance's meetups are to reach and form agile testing community who can jointly work towards proliferating agility in testing.

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