What we're about

Check out the Miro board (PW: AgileLinz!)
We are a community of Agile practitioners interested in agile principles, tools & methods, Product Ownership, UI/UX, change management & org development.

Our mission is to share knowledge and increase agile adoption in Linz, Upper Austria.
We are using different formats for our MeetUps, depending on the topic and the speaker. Basically, everything is welcome :)

Do you want to become a host or a speaker?
Please reach out to us either via Miro (PW: AgileLinz!) or to the organizer.

Share & find resources, event tips, and provide feedback!
We provided a Miro board (PW: AgileLinz!) to exchange interesting things asynchronously between our events. Feel free to share it also with others :)

Communication language is English! 
Please be aware that we take photos of the MeetUps, that are published here on the MeetUp page and sometimes also on the webpage of the company that is hosting the event. If you don't want to appear on those pages, please get in contact with one of the MeetUp organizers at the day of the event.

Past events (27)

Agile & Impro @Dynatrace Linz

Am Fünfundzwanziger Turm 20

2023/03: Agile Impressions from the Steel City

Am Fünfundzwanziger Turm 20

2022|01 X-team Silos Game


2020|01 cloudflight

This event has passed