What we're about

The Agile Alliance NZ (https://www.agilealliance.org/agile-alliance-new-zealand/) was set up in 2016 as a not for profit organization and is affiliated with the global Agile Alliance. Whose purpose is to be a leading forum to create and sustain a nationwide agile community, independent of commercial drivers or any specific method/framework, guided by and actively advocating for the values and principles of the the Agile Manifesto

The Agile Alliance of New Zealand has the primary goals of:

· supporting the growth of the agile mindset through the industry in New Zealand, with particular emphasis on areas which are currently underserved (geographic areas as well as industries)

· running programmes which have socially beneficial outcomes as well as improving the state of the industry

Our goal for this meet up specifically is:

· To build a community of likeminded professionals within Waikato

· To grow the the profile and adoption of Agile within the Waikato

· To launch a movement of networking community founded on the principles of agile within Waikato.

Who should attend?

We invite all Waikato senior leaders to get involved with this event, and hear from others that have navigated this era of disruption and change, by using Agile to enact organisational transformation. Come for the breakfast and key notes in the morning, or stay for the whole day and mingle with some of NZ's best agile coaches as they guide us through an UNconference.

This full day event is perfect for you if you are :

• A senior leader /change advocate- not just for the CIO and technology teams either!

• a seasoned agile practitioner- all roles welcome

• a change professional who is passionate about what agile can bring

• a professional who's company is on the agile journey and you want to learn more

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