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This is a forum for Agile/Lean practitioners, working at the team level, who are already proficient in the practices and principles, and are looking for extended learning and support to be better Coaches and Facilitators. This is a support network for people who self-identify as 'Agile Coaches' (even if that's nothing like your job title) looking for a group of peers to do things such as:

- share coaching/facilitation experiences - dissect and discuss successes and failures
- run experiments and get feedback e.g. new ideas for games, retrospectives, information radiators
- run dress rehearsals for feedback e.g. conference papers, training sessions
- discuss books and workshops attended
- whatever else emerges... We don't have a set format in mind. Depending on community interest a meetup might run as a workshop, lean coffee, open space, book club - all depending on what the circle would like to share.

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