• Agile Dinner at the Brigade (London Bridge)

    139 Tooley St

    The first in a series of Agile Dinners to chat about Agile and eat good food — we are agile we can do both! The format is very simple: The theme of the dinner is “Agile Best Practices”. Agile best practices help us release more frequently at a higher quality. We will get to know each other and discuss this theme. Then, between the main dish and the dessert, we will swap seats to improve networking. We can stay in touch after the dinner on the Aginext exclusive Slack community. The Brigate is located close to London Bridge Station and is relatively quiet. It has also a very interesting menu — check out the All Day Menu on https://thebrigade.co.uk/menus/ The Brigade is also a social enterprise that helps people get off the streets and train in hospitality, so our eating there will support the cause. This event is organised by the Team of Aginext Conference and Agile Covent Garden. http://www.aginext.io - [masked]

  • Win a ticket to the Aginext Conference on 21 & 22 March 2019 in Westminster

    Our friends at Aginext.io London has offered Agile in Covent Garden members the chance to win a ticket worth £595 for the upcoming AgiNext conference on the 21-22 March 2019. We will be holding a raffle and will pick a winner at 12 pm on Monday 11 March. To register your place in the raffle, simply click on 'RSVP' on this raffle event. Good luck! A word from the organisers: Product over Project. People over Processes. Autonomy over Hierarchy. These are some of the strongest values for great agile project management. Aginext is the only conference (that we know of) focused on Advanced Agile and Modern Project Management. It’s in Westminster 21 and 22 of March, 2019. http://2019.aginext.io/schedule/ We’re excited to be one of the Meetups helping to spread the message of this conference and we’re offering a 15% off discount code ACG_15 to our members. Stop Doing Agile and Embrace Modern Product Management The Complexity Toolkit: Techniques for Navigating Uncertainty What to Build First: Goal-Oriented MVP Orchestrating Continuous Experiments Workshop: Growing Coaches within your Organisation Workshop: Product Leadership Lessons from the Samurai Workshop: Product Thinking with Innovation Games Sign up by Monday 18 Mars and take advantage of the Regular Ticket Sale on http://2019.aginext.io/registration/

  • Featured: John and Richard present - Can you grease the Agile Express yourself?

    John McFadyen (CST) and Richard F present: Can you grease the Agile Express yourself, or do you need somebody with an oil rag to help? In early 2018 John McFadyen was approached to develop a pathway to create a new Agile coaching capability within a key UK Government department, to keep their Agile Express train running down the tracks. Using the new Scrum Alliance Path to CSP as a framework he developed an eighteen-month program to take experienced Agile practitioners from Scrum Masters through to successful team-level Agile coaches to keep the engine well-greased throughout. For this talk, John is joined by Richard, one of the cohort members, to give a balanced case study exploring the good and bad in the experience. He is responsible for all train-related puns #choochoo. As the first cohort draws to a close and pulls out of the station, this case study is a report on how effective this program has been. We will look into: • why the organisation wanted to develop this capability, • the why and how of the program itself, • what impact the journey has had so far, and most interestingly, • where the new Agile coaches want to go with their next steps. This talk is eligible for 1 SEU (Education Points) About the Speakers: John McFadyen: CST® | CEC® | Path to CSP Educator® John McFadyen is a business and executive Agile coach with proven experience in coaching senior managers and executives at some of the world's largest organisations. John works with people and teams to unlock new perspectives and approaches to achieving their goals. Blending his 15 years' experience in Agile frameworks and Lean techniques from the software development world with his professional coach training and complexity theory, John has created a unique approach to coaching with a strong focus on end goals, the right level of planning and actions designed to gain momentum. Richard F: TBC Agenda: 18:30 - Networking and Refreshments 19:00 - Talk - John McFadyen and Richard F 20:00 Q&A and Networking Thank you to LexisNexis for hosting us and provide Food and Drinks...

  • SCRUM Event & Sheetal Thaker presents: The power of Scrum =)

    Scrum Event has invited us and your group organiser (Me) to present: The power of Scrum. When it comes to working in Collaboration, SCRUM is a good place to start. When teams decide to ‘Go Agile’ one of the first questions that come to the surface is what framework do we apply? Typically, when working with teams who are new to agile, starting with SCRUM helps to teach the fundamentals around forming together as an Agile team. This talk will explore: 1. Why start with SCRUM and not other frameworks such as Kanban? 2. Key events of SCRUM and how they tie into the Agile manifesto and if time permits we will consider: 3. The pros and cons of SCRUM 4. How to create an efficient cadence for SCRUM 5. Utilising SCRUM in a remote setting v’s face to face 6. Tools and applications that support agile 7. Your experiences of SCRUM About your host Sheetal Thaker As a Senior Agile Consultant, I have worked on the ground with teams and leaders from top blue-chip and FTSE 100 companies across the UK and France. As a coach, I produce high performing delivery teams and help create leaderships who lead the way rather than delegate. As a giver, I provide people practical tools and approaches that bring teams into a culture that collaborates and wins. As a leader, I use creative techniques to get teams and leaders into alignment on the big vision. As a free spirit, I enable individuals the freedom to bring their true selves into the workplace. Agenda: 18:30 - 19:00: Arrivals 19:00 - 19:10: Introductions 19:10 - 20.00: Session Talk 20.00 - 20.30: Networking Venue Sponsor: Hosted by Skills Matter who has graciously let us use their space for this event. Don't forget to SIGN UP with Skills Matter for faster access on the day here: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/11816-scrum-event We're a Scrum Alliance endorsed User group: This event will earn Scrum Alliance SEUs worth 2 SEU's. I look forward to seeing you there and please note the venue & location is Skills Matter at 10 South Place, London.

  • Agile Christmas Spirits - hosted by Sheetal & Raquel Silva

    I'll be collaborating with Raquel Silva to host a festive Agile 2018 retrospective workshop. The session will be a team building activity that aims to create a strong bond between people, while exercising empathy and active listening skills. In the spirit of Christmas: Members will be expected to (but don’t have to) bring a gift for a child aged between 1 and 18yrs so they can be sent to UCLH Hospital in time for Christmas day and distributed to kids who are stuck in hospital over Christmas. This is of course optional and those who contribute, please could you wrap the gifts and mark them with a label indicating if the gift is for a boy or girl and the age range it is suitable for. A small donations box will be at the venue and the funds will be used to buy chocolates for the doctors and nurses, so they also get something for being there at Christmas. We plan to make this a fun event full of festive cheer that hopes to bring a smile to the faces to the kids and staff at UCLH. Here’s a peek at other events hosted at Christmas and something I love doing. http://www.aloneatchristmas.org

  • No longer distant cousins. Agile working with Finance

    IMPORTANT (Please note venue change).... You are in for a real treat! 2 Speakers and Indian food! We have been invited to Kensington to give a talk about Agile in Finance with Dean Latchana and James Sadler and we will be hosted by TCS. So what are the two talks about? SPEAKER 1: James Saddler Scaled Enterprise Agile Delivery: A Meta Approach. Taking an approach to Scaled Agile which allows independent thought regardless of any specific framework adopted. SPEAKER 2: Dean Latchana No longer distant cousins. Agile and Finance working together to ensure your organisation makes the right decisions with the right support. The worlds of agile and finance often feel like distant cousins. Yet, considering the uncertainties of the business environment, they should be interlinked. Interlinked to enable organisations are making the right decisions, with the right people, at the right time, and with the right funds. This talk will explore how to: 1. Start conversations that’ll create stronger links between agility and finance, and how to keep their shared journey on track. 2. Help create shorter funding cycles that’ll enable teams to strike the right balance between knowledge value and customer value 3. Ensure every discussion, choice and activity increases confidence that team goals will benefit the bottom-line and increase customer satisfaction 4. Help move your organisation from cost-based accounting to value-based outcome-driven accounting 5. Reduce centralised budgeting to allow greater freedom that enables the discovery of new value propositions 6. Help create a financial governance structure that support teams in adapting to change over following a plan 7. Up your game by supporting your organisation in making better investment choices that supports your teams, stakeholders and customers. AGENDA: 18:30 - Arrivals and Networking 19:00 - Scaled Enterprise Agile Delivery: A Meta Approach with James Saddler. 19:45 - No longer distant cousins. Agile working with Finance. With Dean Latchana 20:30 - Q&A 20:45 - Indian food and drinks, Nibbles and Networking 21:30/22:00 - END About the host TCS. Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that has been partnering with many of the world’s largest businesses in their transformation journeys for the last fifty years. TCS offers a consulting-led, Cognitive powered, integrated portfolio of IT, Business & Technology Services, and engineering. This is delivered through its unique Location Independent Agile delivery model, recognized as a benchmark of excellence in software development.

  • Win a free ticket to Agile Tour London 2018 on 19th Oct

    Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, London 22 Portman Square London W1H 7BG United Kingdom

    RSVP this event for an opportunity to win a free ticket to the Next Agile Tour London! Entries close at midday on 10th October and the winner will be announced soon after! Good Luck! What’s all this about? Agile Tour London is a one-day conference for practitioners of agile from the novice to the specialist, from coach to manager to developer. From experiential keynotes to tip-filled lightning talks to hands-on workshops, each attendee leaves the day with practical steps to help their agile journey. This year’s conference will take place on 19 October 2018. It stands out because, while we have a blind Call for Speakers in an effort to choose the best possible talks, our headliners this year are fantastic female practitioners of Agile, including Liz Keogh talking about our failure of focus, Katherine Kirk on how to avoid hierarchies, Portia Tung on the power of coaching, Gitte Klitgaard on teams embracing change, Melanie Franklin on engaging sponsors and users to adopt change, and Almudena Rodriguez Pardo on the human side of DevOps as automation enablers. To learn more, check out our impressive programme: http://2018.agiletourlondon.co.uk/#/home/program/

  • Zia Malik (CST) - Limiting Beliefs unlocking your organisations people potential

    Zia Malik (CST & CEC) presents - Limiting Beliefs – Unlocking Your Organisations Peopl­e Potential Do you or people in your organisation hold beliefs that limit potential? As change agents and leaders we are often focused on change at the organisation level, while important, there is a tendency to forget people are a vital part of this complex system. In this session, we will discuss useful behaviours and patterns I have experienced when coaching people during Agile transformations, with a particular focus on coaching around the 4 levels of engagement and challenging limiting beliefs. This will be an interactive discussion based workshop where we will learn some ideas and concepts, how to apply them, while also allowing you to share your own experiences. We will also work together to generate some great ideas to apply within your Agile transformations and start making a difference to your organisation. About Zia Malik: One of a handful of UK Certified Enterprise Coaches, an ICF Professional Certified Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer with the Scrum Alliance, Zia has been guiding organisational change through a holistic coaching approach since 2008.

  • The Cynefin A&E game (Managing Complexity at work) by Dean Latchana

    Cynefin is a complexity framework devised by Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge. The framework allows people to make sense of a situation, to understand the nature of its complexity, and determine the best course of action. Its application is vast and profound. It offers teams, leaders and policy-makers a tool to determine the nature of a situation with guiding decision-making models. The Cynefin A&E game To help teams understand the Cynefin framework and consider how it can relate to their work, Dean Latchana has created the Cynefin A&E game workshop. The workshop’s game is based on a fictitious Accident & Emergency ward (aka medical emergency room). The players are presented with different scenarios where patients arrive in different medical conditions. The players use the Cynefin framework to decide how best to manage each situation; this is challenging because of the limited time and resources. Complexity arises from their decisions and from an interaction of events. Therefore players need to use the dynamics of the Cynefin framework to handle emerging scenarios. Learning outcomes Players work together and use the Cynefin framework to manage various scenarios in an unpredictable environment. The game is designed to show how the framework can help teams understand the nature of complexity so they can better handle known or unknown situations. The game scenarios are designed to relate to situations common the players’ reality. The workshop introduces complexity theory, practice and application to help individuals gain better situational awareness and make more prudent decisions.

  • The London Scrum Coaching Retreat

    Lensbury Hotel

    The London Scrum Coaching Retreat - eXtreme self-directed learning for people passionate about agile. We are excited that the Scrum Coaching Retreat is back in London this year! The retreat is an intensive learning experience; not only do you learn more about that 1 burning topic you are passionate about, you also learn more about yourself. In scrum teams, you will storm, norm and hopefully perform all over a 2 1/2 day period, whilst releasing what you learn into the community. The event will start at 4pm on Sunday 1st July 2018, when you will create teams and get to know each other over dinner, followed by 2 full days with your team on 2nd & 3rd July. This being a retreat the accommodation (2 nights) and meals are included in ticket price of $700. The venue is the Lensbury hotel in Teddington, set in beautiful gardens by the river Thames. This event will be capped at 80 people, first come first served. Interested? Take a closer look and sign up via the link below. https://scrumcoachingretreats.org/london-2018/ Date: 1st to 3rd July, 2018 Location: London, UK Venue: Lensbury Hotel, Broom Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 9NU, UK. Timings: The main event will start at 4pm on the Sunday 1st July, and then run 9am to 5pm on Monday and Tuesday. You will need to visit the website link to RSVP to this event.