The Evolution, Revolution and Devolution of Leadership


About the Session

What does human evolution teach us about how we should lead teams in the 21st century? This talk takes a journey covering the last 2.5 million years in order to understand the influences which still affect us today. It asks questions such as “Why are 30% of Fortune 500 CEOs so tall?” and “Can you tell a person’s job just by looking at their face?”. It also delves into the different strategies which chimpanzees use to become the alpha male and considers whether any of them are used in the human world.

About Louise Elliott (@IvanaTerrorBull)

Louise has worked in the software world for longer than she cares to remember as developer, technical architect and manager. She is passionate about pragmatic agile, delivering value, cosmology, photography, visiting Antarctica (if only), roller derby, machine learning, bridge (the card game not things that help you cross rivers), people stuff, war poetry and politics and she will talk endlessly about all of these given half the chance. She believes that people are infinitely fascinating and that managing people is like the most complex multivariable multithreaded system you ever encountered.

Practical bits

• Doors open at 6 and the session starts at 6:30

• The talk will be around 45 minutes plus some time for questions.

• Go up to the third floor in the venue (lift available) and turn left at the top.


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