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What we’re about

This is for anyone who's interested in crafting and telling better stories using Agile methods. Following a review of meetups the focus of future events will be on storytelling and how Agile methodology can be used to help it, rather than a focus on Agile techniques for the workplace.

You don't have to be a screenwriter, writer, comic book artist or other storyteller, just be interested in how you be more creative and collaborate with others.

Agile Storytellers is about using Agile principles to tell stories. This involves increasing value in stages, to meet a series of small goals and test them regularly. If you have a passion for telling stories it doesn't matter if you can't format for screenplays, can't draw or can't write. It's about collaboration and using a combination of skills to produce great stories. 

We don't critique work at meetups so there's nothing to bring. instead come to learn how you can plan, test and refine your story in chunks to produce a better work.

We plan to host our first meetup in London as soon as we can. 

Agile as a tool

If you're looking for a meetup to develop your Agile skills in a work environment then this isn't the group for you. This group focuses on telling stories and how Agile is a great, new approach to do so.