What we're about

We are an online and in-person group of practitioners of Agile and Lean approaches, including XP, Scrum, Crystal, Kanban and hybrids, along with scaling models and frameworks like SAFe, LeSS, etc.

We also talk about product management, project management, development/engineering practices and a lot around quality, all within the context of "little a-agile", meaning we want to "be more" agile, not "do" agile. In-person meetings will be held in downtown Spokane monthly. You are welcome to join our group regardless of the amount of experience you have, your title or role.

We are merging with our local SpoQuality group, who focus on software quality assurance and testing, both manual and automation. And we'll be also talking about enabling engineering practices, CI/CD and the automation that helps teams do their best work.

We welcome developers, quality assurance professionals, product managers, project managers, Scrum masters, product owners, business analysts and anyone else interested in learning and sharing their experiences.


John Halberstadt

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Fellow Coworking

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