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We are organizing our meetup together with StretchCon at Ericsson. This time, there will be two presenters: Cosima Laube & Ronnie Mitra.

Cosima Laube - Multiple Selves?! Trust yourself & grow!

Mindfulness is well known for reducing stress. Did you know you can leverage it for so much more - e.g. to shape your leadership abilities? I will guide you with the help of a validated psychological model how you can further grow and strengthen your personal leadership abilities. We will also make connections to where you are NOW and which small techniques you can take away to integrate mindfulness directly in your daily (business) life to actually take the next step towards your best possible selv(es).

Cosima Laube is an Agile Software Engineer and Coach. With over 12 years of experience as an engineer in different organisations, she is now at her place "between coding and leadership". She mainly guides people in uncovering their full potential to be even more successful in the IT business. Her special feature is having both solid IT knowledge and 'people skills'.

Ronnie Mitra - People Platform Patterns: Implementing Change-Friendly Organizations

The message delivered over and over again about Microservices Architecture is that you need to power it with an organization that grants autonomy to its developers. But, building an organization and culture that grants developers freedom and responsibility is difficult - especially at the scale of a large company.

This talk will explore the autonomous organization space and introduce a language for describing it: activities, decision elements, time, talent and energy. Using this language, a set of patterns for autonomous Microservices work will be demonstrated that highlight how autonomy and risk can be balanced depending on the types of constraints you are working within.

Ronnie Mitra is an expert in enterprise development and integration who leads the CA Technologies API Architecture and Design Practice across Europe. In this role, he helps companies leverage their burgeoning API potential. Before joining CA, he worked at IBM where he held the worldwide leadership role for WebSphere connectivity products.

Both presentations will be held in English.