What we're about

This user group is formed by Agile enthusiasts of Abu Dhabi. We will conduct sessions on Agility, Scrum, Kanban, Agile Mindset, Organization Cultures and the topics that are relevant to our business and business context. This meetup serves as a Abu Dhabi chapter of non-profit organization "Lean and Agile Middle East".

We will also do virtual meetups with other chapters of "Lean and Agile Middle East" situated across Middle East to enrich our experiences through others' success stories. The Scrum Alliance endorsed user group for this meetup is "Lean and Agile Middle East". You can join the user group at:

https://membership.scrumalliance.org/members/group.aspx?id=187440 ( http://certification.scrumalliance.org/user_groups/321-lean-and-agile-middle-east )

About "Lean and Agile Middle East":

Lean and Agile Middle East (Agile ME) is a community organization founded by group of agile enthusiasts to promote Lean, Agile development principles and practices in the Middle East. Agile ME facilitates public meetings, workshops and conferences. Our web address is:


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Coaching Your Team To Technical Excellence

Online event

Understanding the Agile Manifesto and the 12 Principles

The Third Place Cafe

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