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As part of the Agile 20 Reflect festival, I'll be hosting a series of retrospectives, open to anyone in the agile community who would like to offer their views on how we can refine the Agile Manifesto from 2001.

We will practice what we preach and regularly inspect and adapt, even on the most holy of documents - The Agile Manifesto itself.

The outcome of these retrospectives is flexible. It could be that the community agrees that no change is needed. It could be that we identify alternatives or revisions to the manifesto. Let's decide together

Past events (3)

Agile Manifesto retrospectives Part 3/3 - The Future

Online event

Agile Manifesto retrospectives Part 2/3 - The Present

Online event

Agile Manifesto retrospective Part 1/3 - The Past

Online event

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