What we're about

"Agile Munich" is formed as a community of practice for all agile practitioners to meet, exchange experiences, evangelise, learn, and network. As such, it's also a local user group endorsed by Scrum Alliance and registered with Agile Alliance.

Whether you are an agile coach or an agile enthusiast exploring how to introduce formal agile practices into your organisation, or simply interested to learn about Scrum or other agile methodologies we'd like to encourage you to join the community.

The group covers everything Agile! in particular Scrum, Lean and Kanban, as well as Agile Engineering, DevOps and agile scaling (and frameworks such as SAFe and LeSS), OKRs and more.

We aim to organise regular monthly events in Munich. For each meetup we'll have a pre-determined theme by one or two presenters followed by a discussion and networking (along with a few social drinks!). We'll try to diversify the topics addressing both advanced themes as well as a track to introduce more fundamental topics. The official language of the group and our events is English.

Do reach out to me (http://www.meetup.com/AgileMunich/suggestion/) if you are interested in helping out, presenting, or otherwise have any suggestions. And don't forget to spread the word in your network.

Want to propose a session? We'd love to hear from you : http://cfp.agilemunich.org/

Looking forward to meeting you in the next meetup.

Our tiny community policy:

Community leads and organisers, speakers and sponsors work on a voluntary bassis and make a huge investment to bring this event FREE to you. We only ask and expect you to cancel your attendance latest by 48 hours before the event in case your plans to attend change. This is needed to allow others on the waiting list to join and to avoid waste. We take no-shows seriously and will take the liberty to cancel your membership or reject your attendance at future events in case of no-shows. Thanks for your understading and helping us keep Agile Munich a free and thriving community.

Upcoming events (2)

World Retro Day @ Agile Munich

zooplus AG

Let's celebrate the World Retrospective Day with the Agile Munich community! World Retrospective Day is a volunteer-based, globally coordinated effort to share in the power of retrospectives (http://worldretroday.com/). Retrospectives are not just an essential part of the Scrum framework, they are a fundamental practice for any group of people willing to learn from past experiences. It's hard to overestimate the inspiration that can be drawn from pausing to look back, reflecting on what happened and what was possible, and drawing conclusions for the future. However, without facilitation and a certain level of creativity, retrospectives can turn into dull ceremonies with little outcome. Luckily, there is a treasure trove of openly available retrospective ideas and facilitation techniques that go far beyond the classic "what worked well" and "what didn't". Following a tailored World Café format, we will split in groups and organize mini-retrospectives using a range of different techniques. After a while we will rotate and join a different group. Thus you will be able to experience various retrospective techniques, reflect on a range of intriguing topics and certainly have some great conversations with other members of our agile community. We'd like to thank Ilja Vishnevski from Zooplus AG for the initiative to run and facilitate this workshop. Please note that space is limited to max 50 attendees.

Global DevOps Bootcamp 2019

Needs a location

As with previous two years, we're bringing you this year's Global DevOps Bootcamp on June 15th. Stay tuned and mark your calendars... Get in touch if you wish to sponsor. More details to follow shortly.

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