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Global DevOps Bootcamp, Germany

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Taghi P.


Join us on June 17th for the first Global DevOps Bootcamp ( Global DevOps Bootcamp is a free one-day event organised by local passionate DevOps experts and communities around the globe.

This year's theme is "From Server to Serverless in a DevOps world". Global DevOps Bootcamp is all about DevOps on the Microsoft stack.

Important note: Separate registration required. To attend the event you'll have to register and get your (free) ticket on Eventbrite via:

More details:

Global event site:

Local event site:

Do help us spread the word by using the link and the hashtag #gdevopsbc

We're happy to have Microsoft Deutschland GmbH and Improuv GmbH as our local sponsors.
Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
Walter-Gropius-Straße 5, 80807 · Munich
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