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This is a group for anyone interested in topics relating to Agile development, Scaling Agile, Distributed Agile, Kanban, Lean Management, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, etc. All experience levels are welcome. We started this group so that Agilists around the world would have a home to meet online and discuss all things Agile. This is an opportunity to get together with fellow Agilists and hear from field experts about challenges, solutions, trends, or anything else that can benefit the Agile community.

This Meetup started as the Broward Lean Cofee Meetup and expanded to host online meetups. When indicated, a meetup might be hosted in a different language, such as Spanish, in order to accommodate other Agilist groups.

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Top Challenges and Techniques for Distributed Agile Teams

Join us for a five episode webinar series discussing Ernesto Custodio’s Ph.D. research on Distributed Agile Teams. The research has shown that there are the five major categories that impact teams in a Distributed Agile environment: Tools, Roles, Events, Artifacts, and facilitation
Techniques. We have collected the most effective solutions, the TREAT, that teams are using to address these problems and will be sharing them in this webinar series.

Each episode we will explore each agile-related challenge and their respective solutions for Distributed Agile Team implementation.

Our fifth episode takes place on Wednesday, October 27th . We will review the 4 Distributed Team challenges, “Tools/Roles/Events and Artifacts” and then delve into the top facilitation techniques high performing teams use to overcome these challenges. These techniques include Scrum of Scrum, Sprint Retrospective, Remote Refinement Techniques and more. Join us to discuss your challenges and proven solutions.

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