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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
"Without a good culture, strategy will fail. Yet without a strategy, a good culture will still produce results. In this session, we look at different aspects of culture that contribute toward happy, productive, high performing teams and how it relates to the principles of Agility: Examples include Strong organizational cultures, associated business failures due to poor cultures, how to assess your current culture using the Laloux Culture Model, who can affect it, and how to intentionally design for it to produce better outcomes. You will come away with ideas on why culture might be causing your group to struggle and learn how to focus on Culture to improve business results." 5:00- 6:00 pm> Meet & Greet with Recruiter & Refreshments with attendees in the Lobby Penn State Great Valley Conference Center Building... *Bldg on your Left when you enter their parking lot. 6:00-6:10 pm> Auditorium >Introductions 6:10-6:25 pm> Recruiter Presentation about their services helping individuals and Corp, etc. 6:25-7:30 > Keynote Presentation 7:30-8:00 > Q & A & networking

Conference Center at Penn State Great Valley

30 E Swedesford Rd · Malvern