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Downtown Pub Lunch - Trust Between Executives and Developers

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Nora B.
Downtown Pub Lunch - Trust Between Executives and Developers


How do you define trust? When organizational culture fosters trust, what does that look like and how does it benefit the org? When trust is missing, what are the consequences? Why is it critical for executives and development teams to have relationships based on trust and how do we go about establishing and fostering trust between the two?

Regardless of how you define trust, it’s a critical pillar in thriving, innovative organizations.

Join in the discussion and offer your experience, musings, or ideas.

Everyone is invited. You are always welcome within our community of practice. Please join us at Ringlers Pub for great food, great conversation, and good beer.

Note: Cancellations will be posted on MeetUp and Calagator at least 3 hours before event time. We will not have the event in ice, or snowy conditions.

1332 W Burnside St · Portland, OR