Virtual Pub Lunch: Agile in Agencies


"Live from Agile Open Northwest - it's Virtual Pub Lunch!"
This month we will join our virtual discussion from a session at the annual Open Space conference of Agile Open Northwest (

This agile lunch discussion is a collaborative effort between Seattle and Portland agile minds, and we're hoping it won't stop there.
Tips: The event is held on a zoom conference line. We've learned using video is best, and you might consider your environment before joining -- find a quiet space where you won't be interrupted or feel self conscious. We're monitoring chat as a back channel, so if you can't find a spot in the discussion, add your question or comment in chat and our hosts will try to work it in.

**This weeks topic:**
Agile in Agencies: building an agile iterative process with in-house teams and stakeholders is a challenge. But how do you tackle the challenge of a client wanting to sign a contract with specified cost, scope, and deadlines? The Agile Manifesto states: Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. So where does the agile effort start in an agency. And can a grass-roots effort rise in such an eco-structure? Join us to share your stories and insights, as a developer, manager, or even end customer. Join in to spitball possible (and impossible) ideas, and have fun!

Connect with us via Zoom!
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