Virtual Pub Lunch: Agile Transformations


Missing out on roundtable discussions due to location? Try out this virtual gathering.

The topic this month is: Agile Transformation
What do we think of, when we hear these words? Do we view it as promises of high performing teams and great business success? Or, maybe the transform reaches the entire company, moving the change process from team to leadership, company culture, and customer relationships. And while the 'Manifesto for Agile Software Development' was written by software developers, we can distill its statement to all professions: "We are uncovering better ways of X by doing it and helping others do it." Is this the core of an agile transformation?

What are your thoughts? What have you experienced, good or bad? Please join us and share your story and ask questions of others. There are no sages on stages in this discussion, and your contribution will make our discussion richer. This is us, sharing our experiences, and helping each other build on it.

Connect with us via Zoom!
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Photo by Danielle MacInnes (@dsmacinnes) on Unsplash.