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We aim to promote the recent development within this area and organize meetups and invite the members to relevant events. We will also invite local and overseas speakers to do presentations for the community in different settings.

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Perfecting Digital Experiences in Industrial Enterprises to Drive Productivity

#RegisterFree and join our #webinar on "Perfecting Digital Experiences in Industrial Enterprises to Drive Productivity, Flexibility, and Safety".
This webinar is sponsored by HeadSpin
In this webinar, our speakers Gaurav Mathur and Arun Aggarwal will be discussing:
- Complexities of the 5G network and how real device testing is crucial.
- Various use cases of testing in an industrial MPN environment.
- Impact of integrating such a continuous testing and monitoring solution with MPN providers for their Telco partners for an enhanced holistic end-user experience.
Come ask your questions and be part of the discussion on 25 May.
Register here: https://conference.unicomseminars.org/online-webinar/2022/headspin1/

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Software Testing Trends in 2022

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