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Agile Induced Damage - It’s Agile Bashing time!

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Hi everyone!

Ready for some Agile Bashing??

This session is inspired by the ‘Is TDD Dead (’ talks between Martin Fowler, Kent Beck and David Heinemeier Hansson. In these sessions, David explains that TDD has been so successful that some developers follow it without question and don’t consider any negative impacts when making code testable. David claims that, in some cases, this can be detrimental to the design of the system. He refers to this as test induced damage (

As an industry, we should make sure that we have not become too evangelical about Agile and Lean practices and that we continue to question these practices.

We would like to know of times where you have followed ‘the book’ and ended up with negative results. What parts of scrum\kanban do you vehemently disagree with? When would you have actually been better off following more traditional practices? Have you experienced agile induced damage?

This session will not have a dedicated speaker, it will be run as a workshop following a fishbowl ( format. Individuals will raise concerns and the group will be given a chance to discuss the issue. Open space principles apply to this event. If all goes well, it will be a great collaborative learning experience - and a great way for us all to meet & chat about everything Agile together.

Beers, wines and nibbles on the balcony will follow. Be there!