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QuickTalk: The critical difference between accountability and responsibility

QuickTalk by Mike Edwards: The critical difference between accountability and responsibility and why it matters "Responsibility is an internal process. Accountability is an external process. Understanding the difference between these two mindsets can make all the difference in the outcomes you seek. I will introduce a simple way to understand the difference in these mindsets, what each invokes in people, and how to create the environment you want." About Mike Edwards Mike works with leaders at all levels of organizations as they unlock the potential already within them. Mike harnesses the power of storytelling and vulnerability to make it safe for people to learn a fulfilling life is found in your ability to respond to whatever life throws your way. Mike is the founder of Leading for Change, working to improve the connection between people and the world around them. Mike is an Accredited Mentor with The Leadership Gift Program, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a faculty member with the Agile Coaching Institute, and a graduate of the CTI Co-Active Leadership Program.

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