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AgileTO July Meetup


Join the AgileTO group on Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 for:

• Lego activities in breakout groups by the AgileTO Facilitation Guild.

• A session about The Butterfly Effect by Damon Poole

About the Session: The Butterfly Effect

A typical approach to making a change is to invest a great deal of effort into a campaign that meets unexpected resistance and results in a small change. Anyone that attempts to advance an organization’s level of Agile maturity is sure to run into this problem.

This highly interactive session introduces the idea of turning the process of introducing change upside down: moving from introducing change to enabling change and using a small amount of effort to effect a large change. The “Butterfly Effect” is based on using tools like ADKAR to determine the changes that are most likely to succeed and helping to implement those first.

The ADKAR model of individual change says that people change when they have the Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, and Ability (aka experience) to make the change in an environment where making the change is Reinforced (i.e. supported). By surveying the team's Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, and Ability levels across a wide variety of possible changes, it is possible to find and implement the changes that are most likely to succeed.

Learning Outcomes:

• Four activities that you can use to effect change

• Introduction to the ADKAR individual change management model

• The relationship between the Sitir, Tuckman, and ADKAR change models

• How to uncover and work with resistance

• How to maximize your Return On Interaction (ROI)

• The value of using an Agile Maturity Model

About the Speaker: Damon Poole

Damon Poole is starting a new venture and is also serving as Consulting Agilist at the Eliassen Group. He is an entrepreneur and software industry veteran that deeply understands how to create an environment of technology and market innovation that leads to business success. Damon is a leader that believes in the incredible power of cross-functional, empowered, and focused teams.

Prior to his current role, he was Chief Agilist at Eliassen, where he was responsible for Eliassen’s Agile Delivery program and principal contributor to Eliassen’s Agile engagement approach which helps organizations effectively adopt the principles and practices that lead to Agile’s benefits and scales from a single co-located team to global organizations with hundreds of teams.

Damon has trained thousands of people on Agile techniques and most recently created Eliassen’s Agile Coach Accelerator and Agile Coach Transformation workshops. He has provided Agile guidance to a wide variety of organizations including Oanda, Ivari, Fidelity, Ford, and Capital One. He has spoken at numerous events including the Agile Alliance conference and Agile Eastern Europe. Damon is also a founder and past CEO and CTO of AccuRev (acquired by Borland) where he created multiple award-winning products including AccuRev and AccuWorkflow.
129 Spadina Avenue · Suite 500, ON
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