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Christen McLemore on Building a Leadership Backlog

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Rebecca W. and Marina K.
Christen McLemore on Building a Leadership Backlog


Tuesday, August 20th, join us in welcoming Christen McLemore as our featured guest. Christen will be leading a workshop on Building a Leadership Backlog.

During a transformation, teams report issues that they don't have control to fix and leaders are needed to intervene. We need a way to elevate, own and report on the progress on resolving these by building a leadership backlog that provides transparency on priorities and focus for our leaders.

Getting leaders to adopt an Agile Mindset doesn’t happen by sending them to training. It won't happen simply because they approved the funding to do a transformation. Many leaders do not have the experience or appreciation for how Agile works differently that what they may have seen in the past. Helping them build, own and complete a backlog of system wide challenges is key to their success and the teams. We will walk through some examples, create backlog items of our own and create an actionable plan to take back to our office during this workshop style session.

About Christen McLemore:
Christen is a recovering Project Manager and Agile Purist. With decades of practical experience coaching, leading agile transformations and consulting Fortune 100 companies, she took the leap to start her own business. She is dedicated to serving the agile coaching community by promoting Leadership, Love and Belonging!
With her quick wit and loving irreverence, Christen is known for her raw and humorous discussions with people struggling to be brave and successful in today’s sometimes callous, alienating workplaces. People appreciate her thoughtful, direct and grounding guidance that almost always ends with a mutual laugh and an f’bomb for good measure.
Christen lives in Denver, Colorado with her rescued Great Pyrenees mix, Ripley (named after Ellen Ripley from Aliens!). You'll likely find the two of them camping, finding new places for inspiration and visiting with friends year round.

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