#197. P. Caroli "Lean Inception—how to align people and build the right product"

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Agile Warsaw
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Two important notes:

1) We are meeting on Wednesday beacuse the guest is special :)

2) Paulo has generously agreed to spend his time with us because he is in Warsaw giving a training on the day after this meet-up.
There are a few tickets available for the general public at:

Also, you will have a chance to walk away with his book :)

## The talk:

The message is clear: only the most agile and innovative will survive. It’s a matter of time, but that time is short. In this talk we will talk about the influences of Silicon Valley and share an agile tool for the fourth industrial revolution. Let’s explore the concept of Lean Startup, Lean Inception, and talk about MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

## About Paulo:

Paulo Caroli is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and digital products. He is a software engineer, agile coach, author, speaker, and an excellent facilitator. Principal consultant at Thoughtworks and co-founder of AgileBrazil, Paulo has more than twenty years of digital products creation experience working in several corporations in Brazil, India, USA, Latin America and Europe. In 2000, he discovered Extreme Programming and has since focused his experience on Agile & Lean processes and practices.

Warm thanks for hosting us go to PKO Bank Polski https://www.linkedin.com/company/pko-bp/