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What we’re about

We are a community of Agile Leaders who help motivate teams, achieve business agility and grow more leaders. We’ve been growing for over 5 years in both the physical space and virtual. Our goal is to grow together and give back to the Agile Community.

If you are interested in motivating teams to form better relationships and achieve business goals, then this may be what you're looking for in the DC metro area! Agile Coaching DC is a group of highly motivated individuals that after completing Lyssa Adkins' amazing course in Agile Coaching, want to continue learning, growing, and pay back to the Agile community. Agile requires that teams work closely together and form strong relationships with business goals in mind. Based on this, life coaches, team coaches and business coaches may find many like minded individuals in our group and you are welcome to join us on our journey. Our events will be a combination of discussion, maybe a presentation and some hands on coaching. It will be fun and inspirational.