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Agile Detroit is a gathering of Metro Detroit's most awesome Agile/Lean practitioners that want to share their knowledge and experience. Gatherings will involve sharing of a case study, introducing new ideas or techniques, or discussion of new and emerging trends in the Agile space. We also strive to collaborate with local not-for-profit and community groups to make South East Michigan & the Motor City the best place to live and work, and gain a wide range of experience with Agile in new and non-conventional ways.

For the Meetup folder containing event slides, please check this link: http://bit.ly/Agile_Detroit

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Innovating in IT using Product Design by Nisreen Salka

TechShop Detroit

Hi All, We will have young talent presenting in this event. I hope this would align with our group's Innovation theme. Our presenter is Nisreen Salka who has brought Design Thinking and Innovation to non-user facing projects. In her own words, Nisreen describes her session as follows: First impressions of product design often emphasize its contribution to structure and aesthetics; colors, layout, typography, navigation, etc. Product designers are often overlooked for projects that necessitate complex back-end work, and limited or non-existent user interfaces. However, the unique skill-set of product designers can be leveraged in many different ways, beyond just the visuals. We’ll discuss the role of product designers in different organizations, and how we can utilize that skill-set in an innovative way across various contexts. Bio As the Lead Product Designer for the Emerging Analytics department at Ford Motor Company, Nisreen collaborates with end users to design applications that leverage mobility data. Nisreen has M.Sc. degree in Human-Computer Interaction and dual degrees in Business Administration and Screen Arts. In her free time, Nisreen enjoys digital photography, experimenting with new recipes, and talking continuously for long periods of time. I look forward to meet you in this event to learn together about bringing Innovation to non-user facing work. Regards, -Sameh

Innovating in Business Models to sustain Product Development

Hi All, We practiced in our January's event with few business models of 'established' companies and discussed how they influenced the profitability of their respective business. Business Models have shaped the product beyond adding customer-valued features. Great Business Model provides business Sustainability for product development. Without this Sustainability the business cannot continue regardless of how desirable the product is and how sound the underlying technical solution. In this session we will explore creating 'new' Business Model for a certain business idea. Creating sustainable business is responsibility of product managers beyond just learning about valued product features. As mentioned above, without early understanding of the Business Model, the business might not sustain providing Value Proposition to its customers. Highlights of the session - Profile Customer Segment with its Jobs, Pains and anticipated Gains. - Create Value Map. - Briefly introduce Customer Testing. - Create Business Model embracing Value Proposition while using one or more business constraints. I look forward to work with you in this activity-based session. Regards, -Sameh

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Business Model Innovation

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