What we're about


As the name clearly states, this group is for people who are either:

Agile: You either live as per the agile mindset or are working towards developing one.

Entrepreneurs: You are either an entrepreneur who wants to help share his/her journey with others or you plan to start your entrepreneurial journey soon.

or Both: You are an Agile expert and want to start your own business. You are developing ideas to work on or are looking for people to collaborate with.


This group is about members who understand the value of being Agile and embrace its philosophy to empower and strengthen other members to increase the quality of their newly or yet to be developed business/work.

The future is unpredictable. The ever fast changing technology is creating greater uncertainty on our constant needs and requirements. In order to sustain this fast changing culture, it in inevitable for entrepreneurs, businesses to be agile and begin/adapt their way of working accordingly.

From time to time, we organise meet ups to share knowledge with our members to help them start or sustain their entrepreneurial journey.


Through these years I have started many new businesses; succeeded in some while failed in others. Life is a learning journey and as an entrepreneur I realised, learning, improvising, adaptation never stops which in a way is very much agile in itself (if done properly).

Having done everything alone, I realise what the power of community is. Since, I lacked on support from a community and realise how much I missed it during my journey; I want to support and help others ambitious people who want to begin their journey in entrepreneurship.

I would like to give back to the society by helping budding entrepreneurs (or people who have been thinking of starting a new business but never take the first step) and share my experience and knowledge with each them. At the same time, I would love to learn from other members about their experiences whether successful or unsuccessful. I believe each experience counts!

Agile community is limited and we can compliment each others skills and help each other in order to sustain in the ever fast changing world. Agile experts with various skills, looking for a change are welcomed to join and collaborate to make this community bigger. We also invite successful businesses to join and share their experiences with the budding entrepreneurs.


1. Invite Agile experts looking for a new challenge to join this community to implement the change.

2. Help businesses/entrepreneurs in their journey while keeping pace with the fast changing world.

3. Invite new businesses to share their idea and find their potential team.

4. Help budding entrepreneurs overcome the fear of starting a business.

5. Help entrepreneurs develop an agile mindset and live it in the most practical ways.

6. Organise training as per the market trends to help businesses grow.

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Leading SAFe 4.6 training

The Great Room Ngee Ann City

Scaling SCRUM

The Great Room Ngee Ann City

Leading SAFe 4.6 training

The Great Room Ngee Ann City

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