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Agilists Sharing Knowledge (ASK)
Agilists Sharing Knowledge (ASK)
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The Agile Development Process is mostly focus on the speed and quality of software development. This is due to increasing and fast changing customer demands, which creates the need to build and deploy software fast. Agile perfectly answers the question of how to deliver fast and efficient, but it often neglects to ask the critical questions which relate to user needs. Why are we building this and what is the best way to solve a user problem? As opposed to building the next feature, Design Thinking brings the answer to these user specific questions. It is a methodology that leads to solutions at the intersection between user needs, technical feasibility and business requirements. Design Thinking always starts with the end-user in mind and takes time to explore their needs. Essentially the goal is to solve their problems, so it is critical to get a good understanding of what these problems are.
Agile and Design Thinking have many overlaps, but also many differences. In this meetup we’ll focus on exploring how these two methodologies can merge and whether this even makes sense.


Intro: What is Design Thinking? (40min)
Hands-on: short workshop with focus on understanding of the exploration of customer needs (60min) Discussion: Agile & Design Thinking (20min)


Marta Marszal is the founder of Remember to Play , a Strategic Design Consultancy, which focuses on opportunity finding, concept development and communication. She is a senior Strategic Designer and facilitator.
Remember to Play delivers and facilitates projects, trainings and workshops to help companies develop services and products that leverage new technologies and solve real customer problems.
Marta initiated and is co-organising the Strategic Design Sandbox meetup.


17:30 - 18:30 Walk in and diner&drinks

18:30 - 20:30 workshop

20:30 networkdrinks