• Shepherding an Agile/DevOps transformation

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    Welcome to this years first meetup covering one of the hottest topics at the moment - and in a very different way ... Shepherding an Agile/DevOps transformation - by John Shkolnik John will share his experience with… • …implementing an Agile/DevOps transformation in an organization that wasn’t asking for it or convinced of its value. • …using the grassroots rather than wait for – or rely on -- executive support. • …paving the road and then helping people cover the distance so they're able to get things going in an iterative way. • …shaping a collaborative, self-sustaining culture, and not just focus on the output. • …why it’s better to focus on conventions over standards (helps soothe ruffled feathers). • …the benefit of strategically aligning on tools and ecosystems. John Shkolnik, VP at Deloitte, presents himself as: “One-man startup; front-to-back. Product leader. Evolved coder. Collaboration and process expert. I don't sleep much.” Coffee and snacks will be served.

  • Team self-selection for agile teams


    Goal for this session: - Learn a self-selection method. - Understand what to be aware of in a self-selection process Agenda: 16:45 Doors open 17:00 Welcome 17:10 Introduction to team self-selection and learnings 17:45 Team self-selection exercise 18:00 Sandwiches and beverages 18:30 Team exercise 18:45 Shared learnings 19:00 Goodbye Introducing team self-selection can be challenging for the people involved. What parameters should we be aware of before entering such a journey and how can we execute it. In this Meetup we will share some of our learnings from a number of team self-selection occasions. Let’s spend some hours together and have some fun.

  • Would you Need a Scrum Team? - Software Development Projects by ITU Students

    Would you Need a Scrum Team? - Software Development Projects by ITU Students Would you be interested in getting a team of 8-9 IT University software development students to develop a software project with you? Such a project is a possibility for you to market your company to the students, get a small project done, and get to know our students. For the students, you would be offering a valuable learning experience in a real software development project. Or would you be interested in coaching one of our students teams regarding Scrum? During this meet up you will hear more about these opportunities, and meet our students demoing the pilot industrial projects, so you’ll get an idea what they can achieve. In addition, one of the pilot project customers, Daniel Balchasan from Exerp, will tell about their experiences and Kirsten Andersson, an agile coach from Nordea tells about her experiences in coaching our students. You can expect to receive a bunch of good tips from them both. Finally, you will hear how you could propose your own project and get an ITU student team to work on it. As the pilot course was a success, next we will launch this course for all our software development students that will form 16 Scrum teams and will work on the projects during the spring term 2019. Thus, we have many teams that are looking forward to interesting projects to develop! Program: 17:00 - 17:30 Welcome & Introduction to the ITU Project Course 17:30 - 18:30 Project demos by ITU project teams Tips & Experiences from a Customer company & a Coach Q&A 18:30 -19:00 Networking Welcome! If you have any questions, please contact Maria on [masked]‬ or [masked].

  • Alistair Cockburn: Agile Software Dev: Background, Experiences and Perspectives

    This event is hosted by ITU - we have been very fortunate to get 50 - and only 50 - spots for #AgilityLab - please make sure to cancel in good time if you know you are not coming anyway! ==== Topic: Alistair Cockburn: Agile Software Development: Background, Experiences and Perspectives Time: October 23,[masked]:45 PM - 4:15 PM Place: Auditorium 1, IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgards Vej 7, 2300 Copenhagen S The Research Centre for Government IT at the IT University of Copenhagen has invited one of the founders of agile software development, Dr. Alistair Cockburn to Copenhagen to give a talk on the background of agile approach to software development, of the experiences – positive and negative - with the methods, and on future perspectives for agile software development. AgilityLab has reserved 50 seats in this broader event. Alistair Cockburn is a co-author of the influential “Manifesto for Agile Software Development” from 2001, and he is the author of numerous text-books on agile methods, software requirements, and software development. Additionally, he has been directly involved in a number of government and private sector IT projects in the US and in Europe. Alistair Cockburn holds a degree in computer science from Case Western Reserve University and a PhD from the University of Oslo. The presentation is widely accessible and of interest to both generalists, project managers, project owners, software developers, consultants, students and researchers. PROGRAM 1:45 PM Arrival 2:00 PM Welcome Jens Schmidt, Head of Research Centre for Government IT 2:10 PM Mads Tofte, rektor, IT-Universitetet 2:20 PM Agile development in the Government Kristoffer Lange, Head of Division, the Danish Agency of Digitisation 2:30 PM Agile Software Development: Background, Experiences and Perspectives Dr. Alistair Cockburn 3:30 PM Questions and discussion 4:15 PM Refreshments and networking Moderator: Nynne Bjerre Christensen

  • Reducing Stress and Adopting a Better Work-Life Balance

    Details Maintaining excitement and vision for a task or project is difficult when dealing with stress. What are ways to avoid burnout and decrease stress in the workplace? This meetup attempts to explore stress management tactics and ways to reduce stress in the workplace. This meetup is free so please RSVP for your spot as seats are limited. This event is Co-hosted by Forecast and Trustpilot. Refreshments will be provided at the meetup. We look forward to seeing you there! We will discuss: How stress affects you - Identifying the source of your stress - Discussing physical signs - Creating awareness of stress with colleagues - Being proactive instead of reactive to avoid burnout How to adopt a better work-life balance - How technology can affect your stress - Time Management - How to be mindful in your work and ways to incorporate Mindfulness and Meditation Expert Speaker Jeanette Hesthaven- Has extensive experience as a business coach and consultant. She specializes in Stress Management, Leadership and Team Development in the work-place. Panel Participants: Kristine Koch- An experienced Stress, Time, and Life Management Coach Ahmed Dessouky- Full Stack Developer, Trustpilot Pernille Andersen- CEO of FeedsFloor, Digital showrooms for business communities Kelly Griffin- Head of HR at Tactile Entertainment, Mobile Games Moderator- Kelley Reynolds, Content and Community Specialist, Forecast

  • Agile storytelling, a workshop - with Svend-Erik Engh

    Agile storytelling, a workshop In 2008 Svend-Erik Engh became a Licensed Storyteller: Steve Denning Leadership Storytelling and has proved to be the only one of its kind. Together Steve and Svend-Erik facilitated workshops all over Denmark, Sweden and USA. Steve Denning once in an interview said “Svend-Erik is someone that masters both storytelling and business, he has taken the time to understand the difference between entertainment storytelling and business storytelling, he brings a unique level of enthusiasm and warmth into all the projects he is involved in, he listens and he is a funny guy”. Three times they filled The Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. where leaders from around the world came to learn the power of Storytelling. After ten years of intensive work with Storytelling, Steve Denning moved on to explore the Agile world. In his book ”The Radical Management” from 2006 he points out Storytelling as the main principles for Agile communication. Having worked with him for ten years, Svend-Erik knows Steve Denning's storytelling methods better than anyone. In this short introduction you will learn something about · How a Springboard Story can change a mindset · How you can, as a member of an agile team, communicate the wishes of the client in the form of a story · How you can ask questions in such a way that you get a story as an answer Welcome! === We will be at ITU and do not have a sponsor for this meetup - please bring your own drinks and snacks

  • Agile Leadership??

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    On 30-August we have invited Søren Raaschou to share his ideas on Agile Leadership. Søren invites us not only to come and listen but also help to further co-create whatever is next - Louise from Nine has offered to host us in the center of Copenhagen - in short the perfect setting for an afternoon in AgilityLab. Br, Morten,[masked], www.agilitylab.dk === Program 17:00 Start . Welcome to Nine and AgilityLab - Louise Sparf and Morten Elvang . Agile Leadership ?? - See invite from Søren below 19:00 End Some breaks will be included. Soft drinks and snacks sponsored by Nine === Invitation from Søren Agile leadership?? By Søren Raaschou In traditional organisations leaders spend most of their time discussing and deciding what to do and who should do it. In agile organisations this is by definition delegated to the teams and Product Owners. Does that mean that leaders are obsolete in agile organisations? I believe that leadership is equally important in agile organisations, but it means something else and it is differently distributed in the organisation. I also believe that the role of a leader and the tools, she can use, should be as clear as those of the team members. I have searched and searched and I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For ;). The certified agile leadership courses are definitely not enough. Therefore I have been taking a little time off to start creating it myself. I have realized that it is a humongous task, but I am starting to see the contours of something useful. I would like to share my ideas and experiences with you, I need your feedback and I invite you to co-create what ever is next. I invite you to an evening where we can explore the unexplored. Where would be better to do so, than in the AgilityLab Hope to see you, Søren

  • Industrial Software Engineering Projects by ITU Students

    Industrial Software Engineering Projects by ITU Students – An Opportunity for Companies Would you be interested in getting a team of 7-9 ITU software development students to develop a software project with you? Such a project is a possibility for you to market your company to the students, get a small project done, and get to know our students. For the students, you offer a valuable learning experience of a real software development project. During this meet up you will hear more about this opportunity, meet our students demoing the pilot industrial projects performed this spring and participate in a quality award ceremony when the best team is rewarded. One of the pilot customer companies and a coach will tell about their role and experiences. Finally, you will hear how you could propose your own project and get an ITU student team to work on it. As the pilot course was a success, next we will launch this course for all our 150 software development students. Thus, many more customers are needed! Program: 17:30 - 17:45 Welcome & Introduction to the ITU Project Course 17:45 - 18:25 Project demos by project teams 18:25 – 18:40 Break & Networking 18:40- 18:50 Quality Award to the best team by Nordea 18:50-19:05 Experiences from a Customer company & a Coach 19:05-19:15 How to get a student team for your project? 19:15- 19:30 Networking



    Welcome to a meetup focusing on SCRUM EXPERIENCES This time we will meet at ITU. Program 17:30 * Welcome * Dual-Track Scrum * Product owners - striving for excellence * Break 18:30 * Workshop - Scrum - the devil is in the detail * Thank you & Good-bye 19:30 You can find more details about each topic below. This you will need to bring your own food and drinks. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Br, Morten[masked] === DUAL-TRACK SCRUM Pernille Trolle Brøgaard How do you integrate UX and UI resources in a discovery vs development track. We have worked with this in Momondo in 1 1/2 years time and have very good experiences to share === PRODUCT OWNERS - STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE Stefano Vincenti OK, now you are a Product Owner… but what does it take to succeed? This short presentation is to provide some inspiration and foster a dialog with you on what it takes to be a successful PO. Stefano is a freelance SCRUM master, agile coach and PO at his own FinTech startup. 9+ years experience with Agile & SCRUM and more than 20 years of experience in tech development. He is a really “hands on” guy who loves to hear about your challenges, and share his experiences. === SCRUM - THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL Mateusz Kapica Do any of these experiences sound familiar? ➤ Product Owner does not provide a clear vision of the product? ➤ Scrum master acts as a secretary? ➤ The work scheduled for the Sprint is chronically unfinished? ➤ Only the Product Owner updates the Product Backlog? ➤ Development Team ignores the elephant in the room? During “Scrum experience” workshops I would like to invite all of you to share your practical experiences about common Scrum pitfalls. Mateusz is an Agile enthusiast and certified IT Project Manager (PMP, PMI-ACP, PRINCE2®P, ITIL®F, PSM, PSPO) with broad experience in international software development projects (US, UK, France, Scandinavia, Denmark, Poland). Nowadays, involved in the project revolutionizing the Danish railways. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mateuszkapica/ ===

  • Organizers Meeting 2018 - invitation only

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    • What we'll do Organizers will meet to make plans for 2018 - if you are interested to become active in #AgilityLab please contact Morten or one of the other organizers. • What to bring • Important to know