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This is a group for anyone interested in discussing real life solutions brought to solve Agile or DevOps challenges. On a wider perspective, we also talk about hints and tricks that make startup and grown-up companies more efficient from the operational standpoint (development, marketing, sales, HR).

Typical events start with a presentation from a practitioner followed by a Q&A session. Most events take place on late afternoons at the CIC at one Broadway, Cambridge, MA

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Online event

Whether translating research into strategy, building a strong partnership with a new CEO, or driving C-level decisions, the role of a CTO is complex and difficult to define in a few lines. Taking on this leadership position comes with its challenges, even for a CTO who has seemingly done it all.
Michaël Cohen is a seasoned CTO and entrepreneur with a passion for leading, managing, mentoring, inspiring and building international technology leadership teams. As an experienced tech leader, Cohen has brought deep technical leadership in his previous positions involving multiple leading companies, such as the travel company Egencia, retail publisher Trace One and software publisher Eksae, formerly known as Cegid Public.
On May 18, join CTO Talk with a Digital Transformation Leader, for an open discussion with serial CTO Michaël Cohen and Pentalog’s Chief Platform Officer, Cornel Fatulescu.
Find out how a celebrated CIO award recipient and recognized digital transformation leader views the CTO role, his ideas on leadership and technology strategy.
Attendance is free but requires pre-registration: https://bit.ly/396iWdE
Date: May 18, 2022 | 4 PM UTC +2
The conversation will cover:

  • The role of a CTO - responsibilities and partnership with the CEO
  • Michaël Cohen’s views on tech strategy
  • Leadership from a serial CTO’s point of view

Guest: Michaël Cohen – Serial Chief Technology Officer & Entrepreneur
Host: Cornel Fatulescu – Chief Platform Officer at Pentalog
See you soon!

link: https://bit.ly/396iWdE

How to make an impact through Systemic Leadership

Online event

On May 19, you’re invited for a 1-hour interactive presentation on systemic leadership, the approach that helps transform you and your organization: How to make an impact through Systemic Leadership.
Join transformation leader, systemic thinker and PentaBAR alumnus Viorel Bucur to learn how to master a system of people, influence outcomes and create impact, all along the way to becoming a company’s true change agent.
Attendance is free but requires pre-registration: https://bit.ly/39dVrPM
Date: May 19, 2022 | 5 PM UTC +2
This presentation will cover the following topics:

  • How to become a leader – the Systemic Leadership approach
  • The cost of becoming a leader
  • Acting like a leader – a learning guide
  • Examples of systemic leaders and organization types

## About our speaker

Viorel Bucur - Coach, Entrepreneur, Transformation Leader and Systemic Thinker
Viorel Bucur is a Coach and Entrepreneur with experience in transforming leaders and large organizations with the help of systemic thinking.

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