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Today's agribusiness ecosystem is on the brink of disruption by emerging technologies, which will create opportunities for new players. Our vision is of an 'evergreen revolution' which increases food production while ensuring environmental sustainability.

The focus of this meet-up group is on advanced technology in agricultural production, and on financing that technology. Our mission is to create a communication layer for aspiring new players to help germinate the emerging disruption. We seek to incubate and facilitate investment in the next generation of people, projects, and businesses in the seven steps of the value chain of: physical inputs, information inputs, plant farming, animal farming, bio-based processing, food processing, and logistics.

Past events (17)

NYC Agtech Week 2016 (Ticketed Separately)

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Screening of "Kombit - The Cooperative"

Bwe Kafe - Jersey City

Hydroponic Systems: Theory to Practice


Agtech NYC - Spring Planning

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