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A great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals on their own journey towards empowerment and a fantastic way of letting go of some of the most dense energies we carry; whether it be destructive habit patterns, emotional traumas, or greater abundance, there is massive benefits that can be gleaned from this most ancient of communal and heartfelt ceremonies.

Each ceremony begins with us acknowledging the ancestors of the land, and the spirits of the 7 directions within the Medicine Wheel. This to create a protected and safe space for you to let down and release your energies, with the assistance of your ancestors present in what is known as a Spiritual Court of Equity. The Spiritual Court of Equity is where all of your ancestors, guides, angels and past/future incarnations can bare sacred neutral witness without any judgement, shame, blame or guilt as you state to the entire Universe you're desires and boundaries as a soveriegn, empowered being.

We open this Spiritual Court of Equity by invoking them through Andrew Bartzis' Soul Contract Revocations. We collectively speak these out loud to remove any inserted fine print or unneeded karmic patterns that no longer serve as this being, from past lives and from birth. It goes straight to the root of your issues and why these patterns keep occuring. We then take time to either verbally or in our minds state what we want to release.

Afterwards, we can share with one another and talk, tell stories, dance, play some music and then when the time is right can close the Mediciine Wheel, and end the ceremony as a renewed, deeply connected collective of loving, empowered beings. ​What you will learn and receive:​​

• How to open sacred space

• How to open the Medicine Wheel and the 7 directions

• The spirits and energies of the 7 directions

• A copy of Andrew Bartzis' Soul Contract Revocations

• A tremendous clearing of deep traumatic energies

• A community of like minded friends and soul family members ​

Prices: £20 per person, or £15 each if you bring a new guest
​Fire Ceremonies

Past events (3)

Hapé & Sacred Fire Ceremony

Berkeley Farm Project

Fire Ceremony-Epping Forrest: Sat 16th Sept 6pm

Loughton Underground Station

New Moon in Taurus Fire Ceremony April 2017

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