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Dungeons and dragons, 5th edition. Not rule heavy, but structured. Looking to fill 2-4 seats to join existing, weekly sandbox campaign (6th level). Good blend of combat and Roleplay.
If you want to have some fun, learn/play a fun game, eat some good food and nerd out, let me know.
If you want to dress up, bring props, take the game real seriously, alienate your party and/or not be available weekly, this isn’t for you. :)

Ok, here’s the deal:
We were running a homebrew sandbox campaign with a party of 6 people and all of the sudden lost 4 to babies, work, school, and such. So were looking to add with 3-4 new members to join the existing campaign.
It’s a laid back game, rules appropriate, but not rules heavy. I assume you’re eating, collecting spell components (unless they have GP value), and always stocked on arrows.
It involves RP, combat, and will be a little bit puzzly sometimes.
Chars are level 6.
First thing we will do once we find 3-4 interested people is run a random one shot to ensure all of us mesh well and want the same thing from the game.
Once we have our new party, you and I will roll new characters for you and we’ll work together to create an appropriate and fun backstory for you in the campaign setting.
Ideally, my players enjoy playing, enjoy or are willing to play in character a bit, and are easygoing and friendly.
That’s it!

If you’ve never played before, this game is ideal for you. It is learning based and will not move faster than our slowest member.

If you’re very experienced and looking for a sophisticated, extremely well run game heavy with game mechanics, maybe this isn’t for you. :)

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