• Come shoot adult airguns!

    Garth Killpack Shooting Range

    We are getting together to shoot some airguns! We have a range reserved for ourselves and we'll have all sorts of airguns from small target guns to huge .50 caliber big bores. If you have an airgun, bring it, but if you don't we'll have plenty for you to shoot, including some extremely powerful big-bore airguns. If you have safety glasses, bring them. We'll bring something hot to drink, but you may want to bring some lunch. Invite friends and get them hooked on airguns too!

  • First Impressions: Come shoot high-powered airguns!

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    We'll have plenty of guns and ammo available for your to get a taste of what airguns are capable of. If there's a gun that you've been hoping to get your hands on, message us and we'll see what we can do to have it at the range.