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Hello my name is Ryan Zarick I am the Owner of Action Sports Camping.com I am looking forward to meeting new people and getting some epic air soft games together this summer. Most of our games will be played at Ground zero airsoft.. here is what the field looks like https://youtu.be/27vkOct9urM ... worming on gun rentals but need opinions. i can give you the best pricing around on bbs at only 15 dollars for 5000rds. So let's have some fun and make some new friends !!. Please wear long sleeve shirts and pants and bring safety glasses. If you do not have a mask or glasses they will be available for purchase. Must be 18 years or older. 13 years to 17 must be accompanied by a parent. Here are ground zeros details and rules....Location: Check in at the Wolcott store first to register and pay 1254 wolcott rd, Wolcott ct....This is where most of us will meet if you are running late you can meet me at the field. While there is not an exact street address here is some info that will help. 243 Wolcott rd in Terryville CT is the closest destination. Head just past it and you should see the field on the right hand side.

Hours: Sunday 10am to 4pm

Entry Fee: $25 for a standard day of play $35 and up for special events (Dates posted on Facebook page)

Our special events or big games consist of day long mission based games. Some will even start on Saturday and end on Sunday.

400 fps w/.20g BBs
Snipers are up to 500 fps w/.20g BBs (100ft minimum engagement distance)
Safety kills or surrendering are not required

Respawn and Medic rules are frequently used and explained before the game starts.

If we get a large enough group I know some areas we can play at for free. Feel free to contact me at 860 940 5564

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Ground Zero Airsoft

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Ground Zero Airsoft